343 Industries has revealed that fans will not be able to preload Halo Infinite’s campaign prior to today’s release. This announcement can disappoint anyone who wants to delve into the campaign as soon as possible, but the studio has significantly downloaded the game’s overall download time for players who have already downloaded the multiplayer beta version of the game. He states that he will notice that it will be shortened.

The news of the announcement was shared on Twitter, and Halo Support confirmed that players with beta pre-installed would have much less time to wait for the game to fully install. The account notes that the download size may vary depending on the platform the player is using, but a rough guide can be found in the tweet below.

As shown in the guide, the download size for Halo Infinite is only 50 GB if you download the game from scratch, but about 30 GB if you already have the multiplayer beta installed. The difference here is in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. 26.53GB without beta, only 3.97GB with beta.

Despite the difference in file size, mainly due to the multiplayer of the game, players who want to participate in the campaign will not be able to participate until the game is fully downloaded. Therefore, if you haven’t downloaded the beta yet at this point, it may be worth downloading early today to save time when the installation begins.

It won’t be long before the campaign becomes available, and downloads will be unlocked globally at 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Standard Time / 6 PM UK (5 AM tomorrow, AEDT).

The Halo Infinite campaign has already been praised by reviewers across the Internet. In our own review, we awarded 9/10 to the game’s single-player mode, “featuring Halo’s best-ever boss battle implementation,” and “Halo’s single-player campaign is one of the best. As a result, we have completely returned to the competition. ” there. “

There have been reports that the game was set to break the long tradition by preventing players from playing the game’s story missions in the campaign without jumping to a new save file for the release of the campaign. .. Currently, this may be the case, but 343 confirms that a feature that allows players to play campaign missions in the game is currently in the works and will be available at some point after its release.

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