Halo Infinite doesn’t boot using raytracing on a PC, but developer 343 Industries states that this is one of the studio’s “post-boot development priorities.”

so Blog post, 343 announced that AMD is a gaming PC partner and they are pursuing “a close and long-term partnership with Halo in both engineering and marketing efforts.” While the partnership helped the team optimize all games from high-performance PCs to much older hardware, 343 said, “Additional configuration options, performance adjustments, on both PCs and PCs. And identified opportunities for memory improvement. The console and we are working together on more optimization solutions that should benefit all platforms. “

One of those additional opportunities is ray tracing. 343 has already told IGN that ray tracing will not be offered in the released version of the game. This blog post reaffirms that ray tracing isn’t happening, even though it’s been a year behind the interview. Instead, AMD partnerships seem to help add this feature later.

“We look forward to working closely with AMD to bring ray tracing to Halo Infinite,” he reads the blog. “Ray tracing is one of the top priorities for post-launch development, [we] I look forward to sharing it sooner. “

Blog posts are especially about the PC version of the game. We asked Xbox for comment on whether ray tracing also applies to the console version.

It won’t be long before we finally get to play Halo Infinite. The early impression of multiplayer was very good, and the game recently announced a number of accessibility features designed to make the latest journey to the Halo universe accessible to as many gamers as possible. . “”

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