Monday, May 16th, 2022

Halo Infinite: 343 states that it appreciates the progress of controversial multiplayer

Following the launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode, 343 Industries has confirmed that it is currently evaluating the game’s controversial multiplayer progression system.

This announcement was made in a tweet by Studio Community Director Brian Jarrard. “Thanks to everyone who has jumped into Halo Infinite Beta so far,” Jarrard said in a tweet.

“The FYI team is checking the progress of the Battle Pass and collecting data from yesterday’s session. We will share any updates,” he continued, asking fans to share feedback as needed. Did.

Halo Infinite, like the latest multiplayer shooters like Fortnite and Call of Duty, uses a battle pass system that rewards players with cosmetic content, but the way they follow that path is a bit different. At the heart of the problem players have with Infinite’s Battle Pass depends on how XP is rewarded. In its current state, players can only advance the Battle Pass by completing daily and weekly challenges in-game. In other words, just completing a match and playing the game does not mean that you will be awarded XP.

Following the start of the game’s multiplayer mode Game subreddit At least one fan has called it a “slog” and another has called it a “fun grind,” so he feels the pass is progressing too slowly.

This week, the game’s multiplayer mode was released to fans, but the issue of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer progression was raised by players during a previous technical play test of the game. At that time, 343 statements addressed this issue, stating:

“We understand community feedback about wanting more ways to earn Match XP stable drip and Battle Pass XP, but the system available at launch continues to reach players. Looking further beyond the proper means and launch to do, we hope that these systems will evolve in direct collaboration with player feedback. “

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Aside from the progress of multiplayer, the launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is generally positive. Some versions of the game experienced toothing problems in the first place, but the game attracted a lot of players in the first few days.

On Steam alone SteamDB It suggests that more than 250,000 simultaneous players were seen during the first 24 hours of the game. It’s interesting to see if that number increases over the weekend, but this number is already positioned as the 22nd highest simultaneous peak in platform history.

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