Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Hack and Slash Adventure Game Battle Ax is now available

Now, the fate of Mercia is in your hands Tomahawk, Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Tomahawk Is a retro-inspired pixel art hack and slash adventure, which draws inspiration from classic works, including Gauntlets, Dungeons and Dragons: Shadows on Mystara, with Golden Axe.

For starters, players will need steel-like perseverance and perseverance to fight against hordes of enemies, dodge attacks and come out unscathed. You will inevitably die, but perseverance and practice will undoubtedly be rewarded. With each drill, you will begin to recognize the enemy’s attacks and create novel ways to attack them with imagination. You will find a way that works for you. Methods.Dedicated pixel art Tomahawk Created a vivid world and enhanced the authenticity of the game objectives. This is a top-down arcade adventure inspired by classics. Thanks to Henk Nieborg’s excellent craftsmanship, the animation is smooth and it is difficult to be attracted by the world.


Bring a friend and play in a local co-op of 2 players. Choose one of the three main characters, each with a different attack method. All available heroes have projectile attacks, melee attacks, special attacks and item pickup slots, allowing one-time use of power props to clear a small group of enemies. Tomahawk Focus on fun, core experience, and balanced mechanics encourage players to beat the game in an exciting way to get higher rankings. Putting your score on the leaderboard and constantly trying to surpass your score will undoubtedly bring us higher replayability, which is like an ancient challenge.


The infinite mode invites players to enter a continuously scattered, procedurally generated dungeon to fight the enemy’s huge waves and get the highest score. After completing Arcade Mode and New Game +, players will definitely test their skills to see if they can improve as much as possible. For those who like to see their scores at the top of the leaderboard, this is a real test.


Iconic and acclaimed success catalog Tomahawk Creator Henk Nieborg, including Heterogeneous crisis, “Contra 4” and “Shakedown”: Hawaii And to further increase the pedigree is Manami Matsumae, who previously Rockman, last battle, shovel knight And many other classics.The one who perfected the team was Mike Tucker, who had assisted in programming and other designs Tomahawk But he has collaborated with Henk Nieborg for many works, Heterogeneous crisis.

Tomahawk Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One are now on sale, so be sure to check the game in the store.Discover more by visiting Or follow us Twitter with Instagram, Subscribe to our YouTube channel And become a fan Facebook.

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As long as you and your people remember, your Mercia motherland has been shrouded in the tyrannical rule of “Etheldred”. The authoritarian witch in the icy wasteland in the far north. She sends troops to the south every seven years to pick up the residents from every town and township. These people will suffer a life of enslavement, and they will never get a response. An appeal was issued to champions across the country, asking them to end her rule. An elf, a wizard, and a predator answered the phone. Together with this group of heroes, conquer evil from the land once and for all!