Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Gynoug Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

From the moment you started Gynoug, this is another release from the same team that recently re-donated the world’s Gray Lancer, presenting it to players with the same options using the same interface and shooting different megadrives under it. It’s clear that you’re running the game everything.this is wonderful.

As mentioned in other reviews, Ratalaika Games’ megadrive port options are wide-ranging, well-executed, and highly customizable CRT shaders are included as standard in all retro re-releases. hoping. As before, it’s never been easier to tailor your game to your liking, and the original pristine experience is always the default. Want to keep everything as usual, without the decline of power-ups that punish you for dying? Does endless life help you overtake that one boss you’ve always struggled with, or do you need to be able to rewind a few seconds and undo your stupid mistakes? What about the complete invincibility of an era where you just want to blow things up and enjoy pixel art? All of these and other settings are always accessible and can be combined in the best way at the moment and turned on and off as needed.

This time there isn’t a whole new remix version of the game, because Gynoug doesn’t contain anything obvious.if…‘The path of light rearrangement, we are really grateful that they didn’t try to shoehorn something new for it.

The game itself is a side-scrolling shooter well-known for its stunningly horrifying fleshy industrial tones, where enemies are rivet-covered with giant brains and humans jumping with thorny legs. A face that could be a cluster of screaming faces, just as it is a train. It is also famous for being as difficult as many of the best classic shamps. Death robs you of some of your power, and with a limited number of credits, you inadvertently throw you away at the beginning of the stage. Attacks can always come from all sides, and in fact take all forms, from sneaky aquatic attacks from below to fast swarms rushing at maximum speed.

What makes Gynoug stand out is how well it is balanced. There are no “pitfalls” moments where death is unavoidable because you happened to be at the top of the screen instead of at the bottom before the hazard appeared, and you can reliably defeat the boss using only your skills and reflexes. Unfortunately, acquiring Gynoug skills takes a little longer than before, as it doesn’t include any instructions.Especially this shmup has something wrong Nine Various power-up related items (and 8 different spell types (6 offensive and 2 defensive) are counted as one collection) and 2 Separate gauges sitting next to your current score, all unexplained. This isn’t an insurmountable problem for anyone with access to Google, but it’s a problem and may have been avoided.

Gynoug has no special additional sparks that turn a great game into a spectacular one, yet it’s unique and completely fun to be able to stand proudly next to other games for sale in the e-shop. I’m a 30 year old shmup. Yet another affordable retro re-release, perfectly between modern convenience and hardcore reliability.