Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Guardian of Marvel’s Galaxy Review

Like me, if you play Marvel’s Avengers published by Square Enix and tell yourself, “I wish I had focused on single player campaigns, not all of the games as a service.” Is there anything good for me? News: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, also published by Square Enix, has jumped in to save the day. With no microtransactions, multiplayer, or relatively fleshy stories, you can further prove that a linear single-player campaign isn’t going anywhere. Its simple but entertaining combat and pretty simple level design won’t revolutionize the genre or anything, but their solid fundamentals and metric tons scattered over them are the Guardians. Enough to make the of Galaxy a good old fun.

Named after the team, we play the entire 18-hour campaign as Peter Quill, also known as Star Road. It was an amazing choice for me, but it works very well for the story being told. The main plot is basically exactly what you would expect: a space cartoon adventure about guardians trying to get out of debt, learning to work together, and perhaps saving the galaxy along the way-but it’s much more. Surrounded by events of Peter personally. The result is a fascinating story that balances the constant barrage of spectacle and bunter with heartfelt moments for both Peter and the other crew (Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot).

Marvel Galaxy Guardians Screenshot

The story is also perfectly straightforward, but the roots of developer Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex do show the amount of dialogue options given in the meantime. Whether it’s a moment of important talk or chatting with a teammate, you’ll always be given the option of how Peter responds to different conversations. There are rarely moments when there is a guardian. No Speaking is welcomed when writing and performance are all just as interesting.These dialogue choices are most often fun bits of role-playing in stories that are going on in other ways, but some of them can It has unexpected effects.

For example, if you select the appropriate dialog to save the character at some point, the character may come back to help you later. At another time, I chose the next level to be a simple stealth section, but after finishing the story, choosing another option instead turned the entire level into a large shootout. I understand. Most of this campaign looks very similar to everyone, but these little differences add a personal touch to my playthrough and what else happened when I tried New Game Plus I was more interested in finding out.

Your choice adds a neat little personal touch to each playthrough.


It’s not just the story that is played from Peter’s point of view. In combat, you can only directly control Peter and his dual pistol. Instead of replacing them with other Guardian shoes, they can unlock a total of four abilities and instruct each to use them in a command. It can cause Groot to root and tie up enemies, or Gamora to do a lot of damage to a single target. The system offers many options at any given time, and the pace at which they are deployed and the intuitive way they are mapped to the controller make it a rewarding and manageable task in the middle of combat.

Of course, Peter also has some tricks. He gets his four powers. One of them is the ability to activate jet boots to fly for a short time, and four types of elemental shots that can be used to freeze and burn bad guys along with regular laser blasting. Combat is a lot of fun thanks to its versatile options. Even if it’s not the deepest and most complex dance I’ve ever participated in. You hold almost left while commanding fellow Guardians. The trigger locks on the enemy and the right trigger releases the laser fire hose. A simple active reload system rewards you with additional damage and keeps you paying attention, but most of the time you’ll keep pushing that correct trigger a lot.

Still, combat remained fun throughout the campaign. This is partly due to the enemy’s design. Enemy designs are pushed to exploit weaknesses and remove shields using various elemental attacks. There are also large enemies that can be displaced by certain abilities. Teammates also play different roles. Gamora’s abilities generally do a lot of damage, Drax emphasizes staggering, rockets have the best AOE, and Groot can bind targets. It’s also good to feel that their abilities are influential. Because, except for them, you will do almost all the damage yourself. Teammates’ automatic attacks do as much damage as aggressive massages.

Another thing that keeps the whole battle fresh is the bunter.Seriously, there is so much The voice dialogue in this game, and the interactions between each team member, are interesting and informative in that they see their relationships evolving throughout the story. There is no doubt that there was a moment when I heard the same line shouted many times, but overall, all these barks have an impressive variety. In short, overly similar battles can add new appeal based on their context or the conversations that take place between them.

Dialogue choices are brought directly into combat with a super move called The Huddle. When activated (pressing L1 and R1 at the same time, it’s easy to accidentally do), Peter gathers everyone to talk about the fight. Next, you need to choose a PepTalk response based on what they have done. I was told to earn a buff. It also plays one of the many licensed 80’s songs of the Guardians of the Galaxy during the buff period. This can be either exciting or hysterical, depending on the outcome. Fighting the giant alien squid boss while playing Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” is a game I play all year round with Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” Must be one of the most ridiculous moments of joy spent in. What came unexpectedly during the late climax encounter was another kind of cheerfulness.

The battle isn’t the deepest, but the fun never stops.


Between battles and cutscenes, you’ll pass through different parts of the Guardians of the Galaxy, from Nova spaceships to the gorgeous alien world. Like the story itself, these sections are very straight paths with occasional environmental puzzles to solve or a collection of options to find, and are divided by battles in the more open arena. .. And, like combat, they continue to entertain, especially thanks to jokes and visual diversity, rather than engaging deeply or on their own.

Again, you may need to order your teammates. You might ask a rocket to hack a terminal, or you might ask Drax to carry a large, heavy object from one place to another. This allows you to solve puzzles that are very simple, but still relatively interesting, when finding the right way to combine different abilities. With the team around, these passes get a little more lively. Teams can wander to see things for themselves or get bored when looking for side routes. The presence of a team also helps solve the problem of perfectionism of knowing if it is a pass. This is the right way or the “wrong” way full of merchandise, as they usually move towards the next main pass on their own and comment when they set out to look for loot.

The collectibles you get are the creation of currencies used to upgrade Peter’s abilities, costume costumes worn by various team members (all cooler than changing colors, new outfits and throwback references. (Full of), writing a little log Story flavors, or special items that unlock new conversations when returning to the ship between chapters. Collecting these things has always been rewarding, even if the side paths are as easy to find and navigate as the main paths. The only real complaint here is that currency creation is so popular that it’s starting to get a little messy to get, probably mainly due to the unfortunate lack of sprint buttons. is.

Continuing the overall trend, the upgrade system itself, even if it gets a little flat, will continue to be satisfying and enjoyable to the end. Upon completing the battle, you will earn ability points to unlock new powers. Craft currency, on the other hand, can be spent on any of the 15 different perks available to unlock from the beginning. Putting everything on the table right away is convenient because you can prioritize the upgrades you need in the order you need them, but it also means that you’re not really surprised as the campaign progresses. But even without it, I enjoyed feeling that the perks were important. Only some of them are pure stats increases, and most perks unlock new movements such as dash punches and slowing down the time of the moment you dodge in the last second.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that I ran into some bugs while playing on the PlayStation 5. Other than two hard crashes, it’s not that dramatic, and Square Enix has released many of the issues I’ve encountered. That said, due to some weird visual issues, such as the event not being triggered correctly, the button prompt breaking, and the adult Peter model being horribly pushed into Peter’s childhood frame. It turns out that progress has been hampered several times. scene. So far, all you have to do is quickly reload and organize your checkpoints. Autosaves and checkpoints are so tolerant that even the worst problems didn’t bother me, but it’s not clear how much is present on the launch date.