Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Guardian of Marvel’s Galaxy Hands-on Preview

To be honest, I was a little skeptical when I first saw the exposure of Marvel’s Galaxy Guardians. It’s not a tone, a story, or an art design, it’s a simple battle that can be overwhelming. But after actually using it for about an hour and a half, I’m glad it proved wrong. Guardian combat is a lot of fun and much more complicated than I first admitted. And at the end of a short time using it, I realized I wanted to play more.

My combat sample was provided as part of Chapter 5 of the campaign. At this point in the story, the Guardian has accumulated a significant amount of debt that must be paid to Nova Corps police. To pay the fine, they have to head to Rock, the Nova outpost. However, the situation at the time of arrival is not what it should be. It’s eerily quiet and you can find evidence of conflict. After a brief investigation, I came across some shining Nova police members who were clearly not in their right mind. Naturally, things started.

There are so many layers in the combat system, so bear with me here, but the closest analog I can find-surprisingly-a stable companion to Guardians Square Enix, FINAL FANTASY 7 It’s a remake. No, seriously. Like that game, the Guardian is to control the protagonist and issue quick fire commands to allies as the turmoil spreads. However, there is no character exchange here. You are only Star Road.

Starlords can lock targets and blow them up with dual pistols. These have a cool elemental alto fire mode, where you can tap the cross key to switch between four types of ammo: lightning, ice, wind, and fire. Only the ice option was available during the session, but it turned out to be especially effective when enemies were flooded and needed to slow down. There is no ammo to pick up for these pistols. Instead, it works with overheated systems that require timely trigger pulls for efficient reloading, such as the Gears of War active reload. Frankly, you can’t blame the borrowed shooter. You can quickly build enemy stagger bars by combining ranged combat with fast melee attacks. This allows you to activate your team’s takedown attacks and do a lot of damage when they are full.

The closest analog I can find is, surprisingly, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a stable companion to Guardians Square Enix.


Next is the Starlord signature feature. It can be used regularly by pressing the left analog stick unnaturally (almost every other button is always used to be fair to Eidos-Montreal) and choosing the move to perform. increase. With face button. These abilities include Fun the Hammer, which makes a torrent of high-speed bullets fall in a straight line to melt people on the road, and my personal favorite, Hurricane Eyes. A grenade with a wide range of effects and a large amount of staggering damage. You can unlock your signature ability using the skill points you earn as you level up.

Guardian of Galaxy Gameplay — Square Enix E3 2021

keep working on it? It’s good because it’s only half. You cannot directly control other members of the team in combat, but you can command them. This can turn the battlefield into a real-time tactical arena. Here comes all of FINAL FANTASY 7 remakes. Press and hold the left shoulder button to see options to use other Guardian abilities. For example, Groot can instruct the target enemy to be tied with a tendril. You can then dive into Gamora and instruct them to slice their enemies and do a lot of damage.

It’s a very fun combat system to play that requires a momentary decision in the chaos. In addition to this, if you consistently do enough damage, you will build a momentum meter, which allows you to “flock” when full. This unique mechanism not only gives the thumb a little rest, but also gives a statistical buff to the entire team or only Star Road, depending on whether you have selected the best dialogue option. Undoubtedly, my favorite part of this is that the battle is soundtracked when the action resumes and the 80’s hits randomly from the Starlord playlist. And certainly, we’re not going to take it by Twisted Sister, but such an opportunity makes sense, but while the rocket is firing explosives on the face of a poor soul, Hot Chocolate Every Ones Listening to winners can be even more fun.

It’s a very fun combat system to play that requires a momentary decision in the chaos.


It’s a complex combat system that wraps around your head, but the more time you spend, the more comfortable and enjoyable it becomes. There are multiple unlockable features for each character, and you can experiment with different combinations to find the one that works best for your situation. You also need to think about it. It’s sometimes challenging and these aren’t just encounters where you can button bash your way. When all the systems come together, the firepower can look beautiful and explosive, or even blow up your face if you’re not careful.

The team throws out a witty one-liner during combat, but there are also great moments of interaction during cutscenes and explorations. From this little slice, the Guardian seems to be very well written and decisively interesting. It was a striking moment when Starlord shouted “Big Guy, 12 o’clock!” And pointed out the location of the heavy unit, but Drax patiently replied, “The current time doesn’t matter!”

It is the Guardian ship, Milan, that offers more opportunities for good dialogue. Here, we enjoyed the surroundings of the spacious spacecraft and spent time talking to the crew. In that respect, you won’t feel the galaxy apart from taking a walk in Mass Effect Normandy, checking in with friends between missions, and strengthening ties. In a short amount of time, I got along with the rocket and managed to narrow down the unpleasant break-in with Cree’s scientists, blasting Rick Astley from a music system full of 80’s hits, and even meeting purple. bottom. A llama with a floppy head of luscious orange hair.

All of this is less than a million miles away from the two James Gunn MCU movies, so I feel very much part of the Guardians of the Galaxy lineage. However, Eidos-Montreal helped the character feel far enough away from the previous iterations and avoid encountering the occasional terrifying uncanny valley of Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel’s Avengers.

Dozens of unlockable outfits for each member add even more respect to the character’s relatively short history. These range from the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy # 1 Star-Lord classic team road suit to the 2014 movie Gamora look. I found some of these while exploring the dark corners of the Nova police base I visited. It’s also a reward for solving puzzles that act as a break from high-octane action. Not too complicated, but these challenges are to use my ice ammunition to lock the rotating gear in place, to turn the digital connector into a Watch Dogs style to power the grid, and more. Dired to point the rocket into a small gap that only he could pass through. Guardians sometimes try to switch things and don’t seem to be overly dependent on their fun fighting.

In the end, I came back with much more excitement than before I played Guardians of the Galaxy. There is amazing depth in both combat and characterization, and there are plenty of unlockable and player choices throughout the system. Do all this, shouting Take On Me, The Final Countdown, or Hangin’Tough? Please sign up.

Simon Cardy couldn’t meet Cosmo the Spacedog this time, but hopes to see him soon. Find him on twitter @CardySimon..