Friday, December 3rd, 2021

GTA Trilogy, Rockstar Games Launcher withdrew from PC sales down

Rockstar has withdrawn Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy-The Definitive Edition from PC sales. This is probably due to a persistent issue with the Rockstar Games Launcher service that prevented it from playing.

At the time of writing, the PC version of the remastered GTA Trilogy is Not available for purchase on the Rockstar website.. The Rockstar Games Launcher required to play the collection is offline for about 15 hours, so anyone who purchases the game on a PC will not be able to play the game.

Just hours after the collection was released Rockstar Support Twitter Account “Rockstar Games Launcher services and supported titles are temporarily offline for maintenance. Service will resume as soon as maintenance is complete.” That is, GTA Trilogy, GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc. Games are currently not playable on PC.

After 14 hours, account Provided an update, “We are still working on restoring the services of the Rockstar Games Launcher and supported titles, so please wait for a while.”

The cause of the need for maintenance and the time it takes to maintain it are unknown, and Rockstar has not officially confirmed that the game has been withdrawn from sale due to downtime. We asked Rockstar for comment.

As you can imagine, players were angry and unresponsive to the inability to play a new collection of single-player games due to issues with another program.

We haven’t confirmed GTA Trilogy yet because Rockstar didn’t send the code before the release. We can expect our verdict next week.

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