Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

GTA Trilogy has a rough launch in several respects

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy-The Definitive Edition was just released yesterday, but many fans have already complained about the quality of the remasters and the inability to play the PC version at all.

Many praise some of the new generation console visual upgrades (especially landscapes) and appreciate the introduction of the latest control schemes, but raise many issues regarding the quality of new versions of classic games. It has been. The main factors at present are:

Quality concerns

To summarize many of the general reactions to Definitive Editions, at the time of writing, the top posts to 3 million users are strong. r / game subreddit The title is “Rock Stars Should Be Ashamed of GTA Trilogy Remasters”. The post, which collected 1,300 comments and counts, pointed out that Rockstar rarely released direct-feed gameplay before launch, stating that reviews were not allowed before launch, and remastered the game. Up to 20 years old, questioning the choice of fidelity and performance options for.

The quality of all three games in the collection has been criticized. IGN staff encounter visual glitches in the player model, repeated cutscene issues (mainly causing the world around the scene to continue as usual and causing cutscene actors to be pushed out of the shot). , I have been suffering from corruption of saved data.

Character models in particular have become the butt of social media jokes, and many consider the new model to be a much older original downgrade.

Others are having trouble with how the game adapted the feel of each world, especially the distance approach.Original games used fog effects to obscure the world, mainly due to technical concerns – with modern technology this is no longer the case needs It’s something to do, but many point out that it’s strange, rather than impressive, to simply be able to see the full extent of each open world without the effects of the atmosphere.

However, repeated complaints in multiple games in the trilogy have the exact opposite effect of being able to see the whole world. Heavy rains are almost completely opaque. In short, in-game storms can make navigating the game very difficult. Some players have reported that they need to stop playing the game, wait for it to rain, and then continue.

Switch problem

The Nintendo Switch version of the collection has received particular criticism. Players are complaining about lower resolutions than expected, unexpected visual downgrades from other console editions, terrible pop-ins, and long load times.

However, the most common issue for players is performance, and many players, including IGN’s Destin Legarie, report frame rates that fluctuate wildly.

Rock Star Launcher

However, some players want to actually play the game. On PC, Rockstar has discontinued the game while the Rockstar Games Launcher service is being maintained. The problem is that despite being a single player game, the launcher needs to launch GTA Trilogy (and other rock star PC games) in the first place. In conclusion, at the time of writing, PC players haven’t been able to play GTA Trilogy for about 17 hours and there is no estimate of when the issue will be fixed.

Missing element

Some players are upset when they find that the remaster misses some of the iconic music tracks of the original game and certain original cheats. Both are understandable, but music licenses are notorious for being difficult to hold, and switching engines to Unreal have been reported to have affected cheats, but these editions actually compare to the original. It doesn’t stop players from questioning how decisive it is.It has not been helped by the discovery of obvious data mining (as reported by) VGCThis indicates that the game contains a missing music track, but it’s just disabled at the chord level.

Other players are complaining about the change to the original environment of the game. typo When misreading Of the original game content.

Old version and mods

Exacerbating the problem for many is that it’s even harder for Rockstar to play the original version of the game, or even change them if they already own it, prior to the re-release of Trilogy. That’s what I’m doing. Prior to the release of Trilogy, Rockstar has removed all digital versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from sale, making them the only digital version of the game available to new players. I left the Definitive Edition collection. ..

Even before Trilogy was announced, Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Threaten legal action against mods, Seems to be specifically targeting mods created for the three games in the collection. As a result, mods that improve the look of the original version, add content, and create them in a more desirable way than the Definitive Edition version are no longer available. The threat of legal action has even seen some mods voluntarily withdraw their work. Some are concerned that the chilling effect of the removal notice may effectively complete the GTA remodeling as a whole.

The consensus among many players was that this prompted players to buy official remasters-except that those new versions now seem very unattractive to many.

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