Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

GTA Trilogy: Fans react to new rain, original sound effects, old wreaths

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy-The Definitive Edition was difficult to launch, but Rockstar has been working to address the bugs, glitches, missing content, and other issues that have plagued remastering. Today, the developers have released updates for all three GTA games in the collection for all platforms except Nintendo Switch.

This update adds notable fixes, including improved rain effects, cinematic cameras, and other major changes. Fans have focused on making adjustments to bring the remaster closer to the original.

Rain and fog correction

One of the biggest complaints about remastering was the effect of glitchy rain.NS Reddit thread Discussing patch notes, many commenting on the amount of rain fixes, user megamanxoxo is “fixed rain in the X scene, like half of them.” It might have been just one line lol. “

With the rain, fans missed the fog that covered San Andreas and are delighted to be back.

Sound effects

Many fans were looking forward to hearing the correct menu sound effects in each of the three games. Unfortunately, at launch, all three games used the same menu sound effects from GTA, San Andreas. This will return the sound effects appropriate for each game to their original position.

This is a change that many fans seem happy with, and billofraginz says, “They have added an old menu sound!” And dave9393 said, “They fixed the menu sound for each game in the trilogy. I didn’t see this coming! They seem to be on the right track.”

Morgan Freeman and other small fixes

Old lease, San Andreas minor character, Has been restored to its original appearance with the latest update. The joke with the old Reese is that fans say he’s very similar to actor Morgan Freeman, and fans are excited about the change.

Separately Reddit thread After discussing the changes, fans will be able to see the burger shot burger again properly spinning and the invisible bridge. Huge nuts have been restored Above the donut shop.

GTA Trilogy-Screenshots of Nintendo Switch

Launching GTA Trilogy was very difficult, and fans talked about game performance issues, quality concerns, and some hilarious bugs and glitches. Due to a negative reaction, Rockstar reposted the original version of the game in the Rockstar Store for a limited time while working on a fix for the trilogy.

In a GTA Trilogy review, the state of the release was “surprisingly rude to both the legacy of the game itself and the army of many fans,” and I thought the first release of the Definitive Edition was mediocre.

Rockstar continues to work on the trilogy to revise the laundry list of concerns. Earlier this month, the collection got the first series of modifications that made changes to the cutscene character model, map holes, and more. Its first update, as it is today, is part of Rockstar’s comprehensive plan to bring GTA Trilogy to meet the company’s “unique quality standards.”

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