Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

GTA Trilogy data miners have discovered that there is no music in the chords due to a pile of issues towards a “decisive” release.

Image: Rock star

Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-The Definitive Edition (Let’s just say “GTA Trilogy” for the rest of the article) We arrived yesterday with a lot of talk, but not so much, except for the upcoming trailer. There weren’t many videos and reviews, so I might have been nervous about how good and “decisive” it was.

Yesterday, I shared a video of GTA Trilogy on Switch. This is uncommented gameplay. that is I am working on a review. While some are certainly happy with the results, the different members of our team and others on social media are clearly not impressed with the different aspects. In fact, given the hype and excitement that usually accompanies the release of Rockstar / GTA, this feels like a failure, at least if online noise is believed.

Beyond all of them opinionHowever, there are problems with a wider range of games. One of the topics that affects all versions is music licensed on various radio stations, with numerous tracks cut.

With a bit of a weird twist, a data miner looking at the PC code found that the audio file for this music wasn’t actually deleted, but was “skipped” instead. On twitter @ Ash_735 I shared the following:

Some others are digging in, rather dull, You can see Example here..

Apart from data mining, on PC there was a serious problem with the game due to the exclusive right to the Rockstar Game Launcher (Thanks, Eurogamer). The launcher has fallen into a problem that affects the user’s ability to play the game. The launcher has been removed for maintenance and the game has been temporarily removed from sale on the platform. Perhaps it will be resolved relatively quickly, but that’s another bad look of the release.

In any case, if you’ve taken the plunge into GTA Trilogy for Switch, what are your thoughts on it? Are you satisfied with the final result?