Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

GTA Trilogy contains costly and infamous “hot coffee” code-20 million dollars

Image: Rockstar Games

Is on sale Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-The Definitive Edition It’s not going according to plan. First, many players had problems with some of the changes made to the remastered game, then Rockstar decided to remove the PC version of the game to get rid of the data files that were accidentally left behind. I was forced to do it. To make matters worse, buyers are now seeking refunds.

It seems that other files contained in the game may also be deleted at some point, as data miners have discovered that the infamous “hot coffee” code is still in the game, but that’s not the case. It seems. As it is possible to actually enable it in Definitive Edition:

Hot coffee was a naughty hidden mini-game in the original 2004 release, in case you are unaware Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Ehem) Included “mature content”. The game wasn’t accessible at startup, but a mod has been released for the PC version that allowed access. Following this, it was discovered that the same assets existed in the console versions, and modders immediately enabled them in those versions as well.

GTA has always been a daunting topic for mainstream media, but Hot Coffee has taken that frosty relationship to a whole new level. Rockstar eventually released an updated version of the game that removed Hot Coffee and patched the original release, but legal action was taken over the initial inclusion of the minigame. Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, has decided to settle a class proceeding with the Federal Trade Commission by paying just under $ 20 million in 2009.

Grove Street Games, the company behind this new version of GTA Trilogy, responded to the criticism by saying that CEO and owner Thomas Williamson is in the process of updating.