Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

GTA 6: Fans believe Rockstar will sneak the first screenshot into GTA Trilogy

One image of a remastered house in GTA: San Andreas has evoked fan speculation that it’s actually the first screenshot of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Post GTA Forum, The image is in a photo on the wall of the San Andreas UFO-themed Lil Probe-in, launching a new conspiracy theory that Rockstar secretly pushed the first image of GTA 6 into the latest remaster. .. ..

The images you can see in the tweet below (both in-game screenshots and artificially up-resched versions) show a confusing front view of the house, even with the UFO hanging up. The plot comes from the fact that even the most enthusiastic GTA fans don’t seem to be able to find out where the model of the house came from.

The high visual quality of the image means that fans don’t think it comes from GTA Trilogy itself, but the house doesn’t seem to be found in GTA 5 either. It inevitably led to a discussion in a room full of references to UFOs, one of the hotbeds of GTA series fan theory making, especially where the image came from and why rock stars include it. ..

Earlier rumors said GTA 6 could revert to a Miami-style setting, and GTA Forum users Iglover I tracked the actual home of Boca Raton (just north of Miami), which is very similar to the screenshot. Rockstar is known for rethinking real buildings in a fictional city, and fans stick to the idea that this image is a concrete hint of the setting.

Comparison of real homes and GTA Trilogy Mystery Houses by GTA Forum user igrobar.

All this is fascinating, but of course it’s just a guess at this point. Images are as easy to use as unused concept images, environmental tests, or just images created or reused for games. We asked Rockstar for comment.

Waiting for the game to actually play, whether it’s an image of GTA 6 or not, seems like a long time. We know it’s under development, but recent reports show that the game will be available in 2024 or 2025. This is somewhat in line with Take-Two’s preparation for a significant surge in big game releases. I’ve also heard that Dr. Dre is making new music for GTA and that rock stars are working on impressive-sounding NPC technology.

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