Hello, I’m Rodrigo, Senior Global Brand Manager at 505 Games. I’m a senior because I’m old, but that’s another story.I will talk here Growth: Evertree Song, Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

At that time, the early proposal was to use the resources previously collected to grow a new world on huge tree branches, build and customize impressive towns, and create a sandbox land where you can manage the NPC community. bottom. Owned.

Explore and collect resources, chat with characters and support their happiness, build and customize the details of town districts, or enjoy fascinating encounters in a relaxed environment where you can explore at your own pace. I can do it. With some colorful creatures. Depends on you.

Little was known about how much the project would grow (the pun wasn’t intended, well, maybe it was, sorry). A few months later, when I first saw the game in action, it already looked very attractive, so I was surprised. It had some of the cutest visuals I remember, the music Kevin Penkin was composing for it was heartwarming, and the gameplay already felt pretty appealing. rice field.

How far can Prideful Sloth proceed with this development? They are probably the most difficult situation in their lives because they are a fairly small team and we were in the midst of a global health crisis that was affecting all of us at many levels. I developed this game in the meantime.

What surprised me most in the coming months was the love and detail they put into everything the game holds, big and small.So here it is My personal list of things I don’t think should be missed in the game (Warning that there may be spoilers first):

  • Evertree: Now, there’s no way you can miss it … it’s huge! And you can grow the world on it! But if you want to know more about the story, you need to find the broken part of Miora’s song and access its heart.
  • scenery: The artistic design of the game is amazing. Early in development, I noticed that I was capturing a lot of screenshots just because they looked good. We played with the idea of ​​having a photo mode and finally realized it. It’s the perfect tool for leaving memories. Content creators can also create their own video thumbnails (wink-wink, elbow-elbow).
Growth: Evertree Song
  • Copper top and books: They are not just pretty faces. They are a great source of knowledge! But they also have a lot of fun talking.. Some of their snappy dialogue really brought a smile to my face. Can you guess the personality that influenced the witty chatter of Coppertop?
  • Small details: Please take a moment to look around. For example, you can find heartwarming family photos in your house, and as you grow up you can find traces left on the door sill.
  • Kazumi: Be your gentle flying companion and take you to the top of trees and other destinations. Expect some very cute moments from her as you progress through the game!
  • Everkin: They are hard-working little people. They have been around since the beginning of time and sometimes they can be pretty cheeky. I equate them!
Growth: Evertree Song
  • Creatures and creatures: Prideful Sloth has done a great job of creating a system that produces randomized fauna that can show changes within the same species. We really liked seeing them as players and told them they came up with a little critter selfie feature! Give it a try and share your favorite photos with us on social media!
  • Ricola: This is a giant flying creature that I describe as a dragon whale that appears in the sky. It’s so big that at first glance it’s the background to adding flavor to your game. No … it has its own micro-storyline.
  • Guest NPC: Most NPCs are randomly generated based on their appearance, conversation, likes and dislikes, but some others are pre-scripted to match real people. So when you talk to Adrian … he’s our lovely producer.
  • And much more: Gnomes, mushroom people, passionate folk music lovers, and even a little kazoo.
Growth: Evertree Song

Proud laziness Cheryl, Joel, John, Jason, Nicole, Adam M, Tony, Yasmine, Adam P, Anthony, Ryan, and many adopted sloths who joined the team for this journey.

We hope you enjoy it together. Growth: Evertree Song..

Xbox Live

Growth: Evertree Song

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$ 24.99

Grow your own world and foster a deep natural connection with everything they hold. Watch your actions change the world better! Bring Evertree back to life in this breathtaking sandbox with elements of life management and adventure. Over time, the world of Aralia has declined. The Evertree, where many worlds lived on its myriad branches, is now nothing more than a sapling, and its splendor has long been erased from memory. No one knows how to grow it. But you are not. You can hear the sound of the sun singing across the sky. You hear the words of rain on the earth. You are the last of the Everheart Alchemists and your work has been passed down from generation to generation – grow and protect the Evertree! – Discover a vibrant and unique world… at your own pace – grow your own world! – Meet new people and create a community! – Build a dream town – A beautiful soundtrack by game and anime composer Kevin Penkin. –Mystery!