Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Grounding: Obsidian returns to its roots with a hot and hazy update

It’s no secret that Grounded, an obsidian backyard survival game, is very different from what prolific RPG developers have ever created. This is something the developers themselves have enjoyed in the past. However, while microscopic multiplayer adventures have been successful on their own, future Hot and Hazy updates are ready to provide many fans with much of what Obsidian expects, even during preview. Seems to be done: many statistics. From character statistics that allow you to upgrade your avatar’s abilities, to weapon upgrades that extend the deadline, to new armor classes that affect gameplay, Grounded will be very nervous and RPG-like later this month.

One of the biggest additions Hot and Hazy adds is a collection called Milk Molars. This allows you to upgrade statistics such as maximum health, maximum stamina, how quickly your character becomes thirsty or hungry, and the number of mutations you can equip at one time. From now on, not all adventurers will be the same, and players will be able to collect and use this new currency to upgrade their avatars in a variety of ways. More interestingly, you can also buy group upgrades, which will make the whole party exciting.

Grounding: Hot and hazy screenshots

Similarly, weapon upgrades give you the opportunity to increase damage and durability, strengthen your weapon, and even apply stat effects. For example, collecting mint candies and applying them to a weapon gives them a “fresh” status effect and gives them their own properties.

Armor has also been reworked like an RPG, and as the other million RPGs have taught, all armor is categorized as light, medium, and heavy, each with a trade-off between stamina and protection. Wearing light armor gives you less protection in combat, but allows you to regenerate stamina faster, while heavy armor vice versa. Yet another way for players to define their own playstyles and play different roles within a player’s party.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to use all these new tools without the new dangers faced with these new tools. The HotandHazy update adds four new environments, including the new Sandbox Desert biome, and upgrades to existing tools. One: Haze.

Sandbox Dessert is a huge sandbox in the backyard that adds a new sizzling effect when exposed to direct sunlight and begins to kill you over time. Outside the desert, you’ll find new enemies to fight, buried treasures to discover, and other secrets that may make scorching trekking worth your time.

Grounded-Xbox Games Showcase 2020 screen

The Haze, on the other hand, has been improved to more than just a dark patch of toxic smog. Now you will find exploding spooky mushrooms, new enemies, and even secret laboratories to be explored and plundered. However, crossing this highly toxic area means equipping appropriate equipment such as gas masks to make the hostile zone semi-habitable.

In last year’s Early Access Review, I liked Grounded’s survival RPG core, but lamented the lack of meaningful content. So it’s really nice to see Obsidian double the RPG element in the Hot and Hazy Update. This seems to add exactly what the game needs. I’m excited to jump and start the character’s minimax when the update hits later this month.