today, ground The team used the Hot and Hazy update to release the most extensive update in the backyard. With a brand new biome, new areas to explore, a few new insects, and some great new game mechanics to help you customize your playstyle, the biggest additions to your backyard are certainly hot.

This area brings heat as new sizzling mechanics are introduced exclusively into this new area, digging into updates with the new sandbox biome … for now. Explore the desert-like landscape during the day. Players roast slowly unless they find the shade or the right equipment to counter it. So why wait for the nightfall during the day and search for crunchy burns? You will miss the shimmering sparkle of sand that can only be seen in the scorching sun, and that can mean only one thing: treasure! Make a brand new shovel and get out there to find its loot. However, treasure is not the only thing buried in this area. Players will now face one of the strongest enemies ever. Antlion. These new creatures love to eat two things in this world: ants and you. Get ready!

Speaking of ants, the recently added Black Ant Hill is now open to players. This anthill is the first mega-dungeon that players can explore as they pass through the forgotten lab hall below. Players also have the opportunity to meet the first mini boss in the game. That is, if you can find the right clearance to set up the meeting.

The haze area has been updated to make it more hazy. A thick cloud of herbicide comes down into this biome and gasps those players without a gas mask. New insects that join infected weevil and mites, such as infected ladybugs, larvae, and beech, offer a different experience than uninfected cousins, and can also produce deadly explosives. However, ready players will find that the labs hidden in this area have some secrets to delve into as a reward for those who come in and discover them.


Universe ground It is also expanding as more in-game brands have been introduced in several new areas. With the opening of the picnic table, players will be able to explore this once popular gaming area with works from the latest desktop RPGs, Minotaur and Myrmidons. II, left to check out. On the bench, the player also finds a Pebble Village lunch box that someone has left behind. In the trash can mountain area, you’ll find rotten food and broken AARTZ 3000, greeted by new meat beech.

In addition to newly updated areas and new creatures (don’t forget Sickly Roly Poly near the trash heap!), Some great new game mechanics that allow players to add a bit of customization to their playstyle. is included. Yoked Girth Milk Molars, a popular teenage vitamin with a delicious pulp center, is now scattered in the garden. These molars can allow individual and party upgrades, depending on the type found. New Smith Stations have been added to allow you to upgrade your weapons and tools to add specific attributes such as spicy, salty, and fresh. The in-game food has been reworked to provide players with greater bonuses, depending on the meals they create from the cookbooks they can collect. In addition, Brain Power has been added to allow players to manage Raw Science.


The team added more ground In this update, we’ll take a closer look and learn about the features and changes mentioned here. Grounded developer Vlog On the obsidian YouTube channel. And as always, the team encourages players to join communities such as Discord to share their feedback and suggestions.

ground Now available on Xbox Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass.

Grounding – Game Preview

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This game is an ongoing work. It may or may not change over time and may or may not be released as a final product. Purchase only if you are satisfied with the current state of the unfinished game. Members of the Xbox Game Pass can now pre-install Grounded so they can play as soon as the Xbox Game Preview starts. Are you a member of the Xbox Game Pass? Beginning July 28, 2020, you will be able to purchase Grounded from the Xbox Game Preview. The world is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place. Especially when reduced to the size of an ant. Explore, build and survive together in this collaborative survival adventure. Can you thrive with a horde of giant insects and fight to survive the dangers of the backyard? Join the community and help shape the future of Grounded in Xbox Game Preview. – Reactive World and Insect Life – Explore this immersive and lasting world where insect life reacts to your actions. – Base construction and construction – Shelters and tools are essential to your survival. Build a magnificent base to protect you and yours from insects and elements. Make weapons, tools and armor to enable better fighting, exploration and survival. – Online Cooperation – You can confront the backyard online, alone or together with up to 3 friends – it’s your choice. – Campaign – Freely explore the backyard and uncover the secrets behind Grounded as you progress through its mysterious story. For more information on the latest game status, how to provide feedback, and how to report issues, please visit https://grounded.obsidian.net/.