Friday, September 17th, 2021

Greak: Azur’s Memories Review (Switch)

At this point, Switch is no stranger to weird 2D platform games. With so many high-quality games to choose from, it is difficult for novices to stand out from the crowd. Greak: Memories of Azur is a solid 2D adventure game, at least visually, it can be proud of some of the best examples of the genre, but since there are few original ideas to call itself, it is definitely It is possible to get lost in a huge number of excellent indie games.

In the land of Azur, you play as three brothers and sisters of a race called Courtes, who are trapped in a fierce battle with a rival race, Urlags. Brothers and sisters have separated from each other, you can reunite them. Start the game as Greak, you will soon find Adara and Raydel, and then you can switch characters at will, use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and further enter the increasingly hostile land.

The first thing you’ll notice when starting Greak: how bad Azur’s memories are Gorgeous Is to see. The hand-painted animation is exquisite, and the environment is colorful, from the depths of the dark caves to the hustle and bustle of the main hub town.Everything is carefully made, it real show.

In fact, our only wish is to make the camera a little more dynamic; you can move it with the correct analog joystick to check more of the environment around you, but it was originally excellent If it zooms in a bit during a tense battle, or zooms out when you enter a new area. Among the many puzzles in the game, it will be a huge help if the camera is slightly panned outward to get a clearer picture of what you need to do.

In most cases, controlling each character feels pretty smooth. Everyone can perform double jumps (or Adara’s hovering ability) and dodge rolls, and all have their own attack mode. However, the battle can sometimes feel a little messy, and it can be a bit tricky to make smooth combinations with Greak’s sword. We haven’t figured out whether you need to simply mash the attack button or press it in a rhythmic manner, but neither option seems to have achieved much success.

Similarly, traversal can sometimes be a bit cumbersome. Adara’s inability to double jump makes it difficult to reach higher ledges. In most cases this is good because you can simply switch to a different character, but sometimes you will find yourself in a closed room and can only walk upwards. If you play Adara in these situations, be prepared to miss many jumps before you try to reach the exit.

One of the better aspects of the game is its puzzles.Throughout the experience, there are many feelings that are interesting without stretching your brain power and also a lot of. Most include finding ways to unlock the door, such as arranging beams on multiple mirrors, while other areas require you to collect items within a set time to increase your power. The variety on display is so great that every biome you visit feels unique and won’t be welcomed by them.

The environment is the result of some excellent world architecture. In the initial central world, you will encounter many well-written characters, many of whom provide tasks, or provide services and goods to help you move forward. As you walk around this land, you will encounter a variety of consumables, many of which can be combined around the campfire to make more powerful food (thanks, Breath of the Wild!). If you wish, you will also get an item as early as possible that will allow you to return directly to town.

Greak: Because of the constant switching between the main characters, Azur’s memories can sometimes feel a little boring. Well, it’s strange that developers choose not to implement cooperative games.Although only Greak is playable for a long time at the beginning of the game, once you acquire your siblings as playable characters, it seems almost obviously Cooperative games should be implemented at this time, allowing two (or even three players) to work together. Greak is a single player experience (and there is a demo on the eShop for anyone who is interested to try), but we would like to see cooperation options.

in conclusion

Greak: Memories of Azur is a reliable platform game by Navegante Entertainment. It provides a perfect world with interesting characters, gorgeous hand-crafted visual effects, and a charming environment worth exploring. Fighting can sometimes be a bit unexpected, and the obvious lack of cooperative play—although being able to switch characters at will—feels like a missed opportunity. However, as a story-driven adventure game, this game is definitely worth a try.