Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-Definitive Review (Switch)

It should have been very easy, otherwise you would have thought so. Three spectacular open-world master classes that rewound the gaming industry into a storm in the early 2000s, finally arriving at Switch and delving into the absolute Smörgås board of the hilarious criminal Heizink to all of us.Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-The Definitive Edition of Nintendo’s Portable Console should do it It will be a marriage in heaven. But after all, the rock star must have been almost completely divorced from reality to release this port in a reviewed state.

The game itself here does not need to be introduced. Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City When San Andreas Released in 2001, 2002 and 2004, respectively, it offers a spectacular open world that absolutely oozes with edgy atmosphere, stunning soundtracks, striking characters and hilarious slapstick action. They are satirical Americana slices that have been meticulously crafted to perform amock. All such things are still here, but they are extensively endangered by belief-begging ports, especially given the latest in these games released 17 years ago.

This is a trilogy that should run beautifully on Switch, and there’s no excuse.Instead we have perfect strange Graphical makeovers, blurry vaseline visuals, jerky controls, constantly struggling frame rates, countless bugs and glitches, missing music, poor quality audio, strangely long load times, freezes and more. .. This is a trio of running Grand Theft Auto games that, in some respects, look worse than they’ve ever seen and don’t work.

By jumping into Grand Theft Auto 3, we started our time with this “decisive” trilogy. As soon as the game starts, the problem is obvious. Before jumping into the car and jumping over the good old Liberty City, I had to first pause to maximize the brightness level, reduce the contrast to zero, and first make the image look acceptable. Except that this wasn’t the Liberty City we remembered it, and certainly nowhere near the Liberty City we would expect from a mod.

This harbor in the 2001 game suffers from a constant and serious pop-in where buildings, bushes and passers-by magically appear around you as they move through the streets of the city. Worse, however, are other vehicles that tend to materialize in front of you, with little time to avoid them, problems that directly affect the crossing of the open world here, and most. The problem is draining all vehicles. Driving Fun — What you tend to do in GTA.

This issue occurs in all three games. It’s endlessly exacerbated by the intermittent frame rate every time you pick up a decent speed of any kind, or a fantasy that pulls off some tricks, and the fun you can have in these sandboxes It dramatically affects the base level. We were no longer cruising, switching to our favorite radio station and enjoying the (truncated) soundtrack offered. Instead, I cursed the screen and wondered if anyone could launch this precious trilogy in this state.

It feels strange. We’ve spent a lot of time on these games, so Predict You can enjoy them, but it’s almost impossible to do it here unless expectations are very low. In combat — and this also applies to all three games — stuttering frame rates persist and produce terribly inappropriate scrap. Shootouts are almost always confusing, vehicle confrontations are the worst, and they are all further hampered by sick control. I think it includes gyro support and HD rumble, but the shoots are basic, clumsy and sticky, the animations are jerky, and the blurry Vaseline visuals make the shots an absolute chore. It is useless because it decrypts where you are.

The new visuals are certainly the tastes we’ve learned (the ones we haven’t learned), can Sometimes it looks fine. Vice City had a great upgrade, especially in this regard, but it only goes to the streets of the city, the surrounding lighting, and the building itself. Characters are a completely different story, and I’m sure you’ve already seen them online, but these days there are a lot of people who look very weird roaming the streets of these games. As a protagonist, Tommy Vercetti is probably the best when it comes to makeover, but the poor old CJ looks like a huge bulging rubber figure that sticks out of his back when crouching with his bent arms. Looks very strange at the point.

In handheld mode, some of the visual problems (very low resolution, glitches, texture problems, etc.) can be seen in more forgiving light and sometimes (and almost completely by the power of nostalgia). .. That old familiar GTA magic. However, in docking mode, all the drawbacks are revealed here and there is no place to hide. The resolution is well below 720p, which is exacerbated by some sequelae. The default image settings are terrible and you can clearly see the choppy and jerky feel. It all looks really, really terrible on TV, and we’ve never thought about Grand Theft Auto.

We really thought — or maybe just expected — this is easy and easy, Let’s all go to the bar by hitting the quiet turmoil 10 times A kind of review. There’s not much to be sure about this business, but it was hard to figure out how this could be ruined, especially given the deep pockets of Rockstar Games and perhaps the vast resources available. .. Still, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy-The Definitive Edition is confusing with its arrival on Switch. The deeper you go into these games, the more action you have and all these shortcomings begin to become more painful. It’s no wonder Rockstar couldn’t see this before its release. And it’s no wonder you can’t record clips during playback. It’s not close enough under any circumstances.

There are three great games here, and there are three stone cold classics that we have played more times than we love and remember. So that’s why we got the following scores: However, it is highly recommended to get this on other platforms if possible, or at least wait until you receive a large number of patches and reach an “acceptable” level. What a disappointment.


The definitive edition of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy-Switch offers three of the game’s true greats in a stunningly rough package that can suck almost all the fun out of the rock star’s stellar criminal epic. It’s a poor port, a crude, choppy, low-resolution mess full of bugs, glitches, audio issues, and more. If you can get this on other platforms, we recommend getting it. At the very least, it’s a good idea to put it on hold until it’s patched and improved in the future. At present, this is very, very Far from being “decisive” — this is not the way we want to remember these games.