Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Good Life Review (Switch eShop)

White Owls Inc. actually filled the lead in Kickstarter’s description of The Good Life. Do the same here again to see if you can find it. Good Life is a “daily life debt repayment RPG” where you can play as an American woman in an idyllic English village and enjoy the following daily activities: Streetlight pillars when you take pictures, get rid of errands, shop, chat with villagers, pay off debts, talk about the weather, go to pubs, or turn into a dog to solve a mystery I urinate in.

Does anyone catch it?It was the last bit, about Transformation Criminology..

Good life Kickstart in 2018Before some impressive CVs: Hidetaka “SWERY” His team members have been working on it, except for the Deadly Premonition game directed by Suehiro. Panzer Dragoon, Lesbian, Hatsune Miku Project DIVA, Final Fantasy XII, etc. Reaching 135% of the funding target, we rode the Switch on a quantitatively impressive wave of fan support.And all that cash went to produce something big.. In this scenario, New York photojournalist Naomi Hayward is placed in a vast open-world patchwork in the English countryside. Centered around a small village of stone houses, it covers rolling fields with dry stone walls, farmlands, stately homes, and a variety of half-hearted places to explore Naomi as humans, cats, and dogs. increase. For stamina, speed, acrobatics, and special skills.

The charm to Britain is clearly real, but recreation in Britain is more capricious. The bizarre story begins with pondering the whereabouts of Dick Whittington’s cat, turning to Excalibur, and at some point along the way, a pound sterling debt that should justify Naomi’s involvement in the entire case. Misplace the decimal point of. £ 30,000? £ 30,000,000? Who is counting?

Along the ride, there’s a lot of British references from Loudmouth’s acquaintance’s loopy brigade, a British Isles classic-accented supermarket brand overview, and “See you!”. For “sticky bottom”.

There are two main aspects to playing Good Life that show real potential. The first is its mysterious retro feel. In some respects, it’s just archaic. The animation is awkward and works fine in cutscenes. The movie context emphasizes the inadequacies that are often overlooked when in player mode. Naomi or her cat / dog counterpart clearly rushes into the wall and continues to run slippery, as was once the standard. But with all the styles and quirks, especially deliberately large polygon art and cleverly crafted but repetitive music on top, the PS2 era hiding found in a bargain box during a vacation to Tokyo. It feels like a jewel only in Japan. Indeed, it sounds like a SWERY game.

It’s also a retro version that incorporates open world gameplay. For example, at some point in the game, you hear a strange sound and are instructed to follow your ears. Navigating with audio cues isn’t a whole new idea, but it doesn’t happen. The sound source becomes yet another point on the minimap, completely shutting out the world of 3D games and encouraging you to see a small Petri dish version in the corner of the screen. It is the opposite of the attention required by the situation. This is a pure open world idea as a genre. GTA 3 Works 20 years ago.

The second aspect of some possibilities continues from that point on. There is a new opportunity to see how similar this is to the GTA series. Located in a rural English village, it’s not a sleepless city, but a quiet life. There is a big city of locals and strangers, and of course there are no cars or guns.

And that’s where things get interesting. Fewer people in the game world means more people can be real characters. Most of the people you meet have routines, jobs, homes to go to, relationships with other villagers, and a basic character arc that allows you to participate in side quests. Oh — and they turn into cats and dogs. (Actually reveal it teeth It’s easy to forget it! The rural environment justifies a very small population, which allows people to become more realistic and make the world more meaningful. That said, cities are a crazy idea for open world games, with the exception of this game’s approach.

In addition to a meaningful sense of the world, there is a range of options for you to interact with it. Instead of object type A, which can be stolen, and object type B, which can be killed, Good Life allows you to talk to real characters, take pictures of your surroundings, and share pictures online (in-game). , You can run and jump. Skip Around the world, you’ll find, cook, cook, decorate your home, dress up, and unravel the strange mysteries of Rainey Woods all the while. You are part of the English countryside community and admire the rolling hills of England around you.

When boy Did they attack the British from the park with this? Obviously, cricket park. Breakfast includes scotch eggs, John Peel, Downton Abbey, “bloody”, “bleed-in”, marmite, stonehenge and hedgehog saute. (Rural people eat hedgehog saute for breakfast, right?) And you Real money UK: Get your running shoes for £ 90, refuel your pub counter cottage pie for £ 25, and then go home for £ 90. Yeah, the economy is everywhere. Oh, Brighty …

When all these elements come together, there are some unfortunate conflicts. These retro gameplay ideas are revealed by the abundance of fetch quests. Naomi herself commented, “Hmm … this is starting to feel like a really old and dilapidated RPG …”. Pleading guilty may reduce judgment, but it does not reduce crime.You will need very High resistance to walking back and forth.Despite the potential masterstrokes of limiting the world to fewer characters and making them all more complete, there are still some wobbling mannequin types that just recite. ad nauseam A few lines about mushroom types and more.

The performance that players with previous SWERY Switch titles reliably scan this review is not great. This isn’t Deadly Premonition 2, but running the field often results in slower frame rates, lower resolution renderings, and repeated pop-ins. These usually occur in specific areas or in specific weather conditions. Unless you always stick to fluid movements, it’s perfectly tolerable, but it reminds us of that Tokyo PS2 bargain bin again.


Good Life knows where its strengths lie. Its functional open-world model and almost outdated gameplay system sit quietly in the background, allowing its quirky charm to come into the limelight. Its charm is piled up thickly with absurd characters (and absurd accents), plots that deviate so wildly that you can’t remember where they started, and, remember, all of the dog / cat transformations. .. To allow worn-out mechanics, repetitive tasks, frequent slowdowns and pop-ins, charm and mood must be seriously compelling. If the whims of old-fashioned Japanese games x Twee Englishness doesn’t suit you, neither is a good life. But if you’re a fan of SWERY and it sounds like tea, dunk.