If you subscribe to Nintendo’s Switch Online service and happen to be based in Japan, the next free game trial you can access is an RPG sports title. Golf story..

It will be available in the area from January 7th (tomorrow) and will be playable until the following Friday, January 14th. You can also pre-download the game before offering a free trial. This allows you to jump into action as soon as the game is published.

As part of this promotion, the game will also be available to online subscribers until next Friday. Here’s a little bit about the golf story from our review:

“I highly recommend the Golf Story to anyone looking for something a little different. There are many attractions here. If you’re a fan of RPGs and golf games, this is a must.”

Golf story

Keep an eye out for many of the following exams in Europe and North America. Have you ever played a golf story? Would you like to try it here in the west? CBelow.

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