Monday, September 20th, 2021

GoldenEye 007 Speedrunner set a new record with sneaky skills

Image: EON Productions / United International Pictures

It may have been nearly 24 years since GoldenEye was released on N64, but in the following decades, the fast runner community in the game has been constantly challenging itself to get the fastest time at all levels and as fast as possible Break through the enemy’s handguards to create a new world record time.

Regarded as the most difficult stage of the game, Moon catcher-Inspired Aztec levels provide some ongoing challenges in this regard, as a awkwardly positioned piece of armor can double the player’s health-an improvement previously considered essential to successful running-has seen speed running The reader feels the need to go out and waste precious time to catch it.

However, According to KotakuA beautiful speed runner named Gus Riolo set a new world record by leaving behind that important piece of armor and using new techniques to find a faster way to survive the onslaught of enemies in the level.

According to Carl Jobst, director of the Speedpass documentary, Especially in an Aztec-class turret, a seemingly inevitable obstacle is located in the pipe, tearing the player’s health to pieces, which caused all the trouble. However, a handful of parkourists eventually discovered a trick to deceive the turret, including moving forward to attract its attention, and then backing to keep it tracked, giving the player enough time to clear the pipe without any damage.

With this valuable information, Riolo was able to break through the level with a world record time of 1 minute and 34 seconds on the 00 Agent difficulty, as shown below: