Monday, May 16th, 2022

Goldeneye 007 Germany lifts raise some interesting questions about the future of Switch Online

One of the most iconic multiplayer games ever released, the N64’s Goldeneye 007 has been lifted in Germany, which could be a sign on the way to Nintendo Switch Online or another platform. There is speculation that there is.

Goldeneye007 List of German Federal Review Boards for Media Harmful to Minors For a while, but There are reports that it was recently deleted. In other words, advertising and selling in German stores is legal.

This development is even more interesting, as the media on the list is usually automatically reviewed 25 years later, but Goldeneye 007 was released only 24 years ago in 1997. This means that someone was lobbying early to remove it from the list. also states that Stadlbauer Marketing, a toy maker that also licenses Mario Kart’s Carrera slot car line, has German rights to Goldeneye 007. This can be a great hint that someone wants to re-release it in some way. Nintendo Switch Online, the original developer of Xbox Rare, is for toys owned or licensed by Microsoft.

This may be a promising sign, but it really needs more to bring Goldeneye 007 to the latest platforms. One of the biggest reasons is that Nintendo or other companies need to play that role in negotiating James Bond’s licensing rights, and perhaps the face of an actor displayed in digital format like Pierce Brosnan. ..

Hopefully, when Goldeneye007 is added to Nintendo Switch Online, it will look a little better than it is today. Players who have already upgraded to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack to play N64 and SEGA games have reported input delay, sound delay, frame rate issues, and improper controller layout issues.

For more information on Golden Eye 007, check out the remakes of Golden Eye fans at Far Cry 5. See how Nintendo canceled the remaster of GoldenEye 007 and fixed some bugs, and how Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto wanted GoldenEye to be more family-friendly.

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