God of War on PC is off to a good start, passing through the Horizon Zero Dawn, peaking 73,529 players so far, making it Sony’s biggest launch on the platform. ..

Statistics revealed by SteamDB, A site that tracks Steam data revealed that God of War reached that number on January 15. This is the day after the former PlayStation Limited Edition arrived on the PC.

Moreover, God of War was the best-selling game of the week It ended on January 16th and postponed Monster Hunter Rise, Radio Not, Elden Ring, etc.

Before God of War appeared on PC Horizon Zero Dawn The pinnacle of Sony’s first-party games was 56,557. Days Gone, Sony’s second first-party release on PC topped the list with 27,450 players.

Sony’s focus on putting its biggest monopoly on PCs seems to work well. God of War director Cory Barlog has revealed that the PlayStation studio is important in convincing Sony that making this a “really good idea.” ..

By deploying God of War on PCs, Barlog and Santa Monica Studio’s lead UX designer, Mila Pavlin, will not only be able to experiment with the increased power of PCs, but will also have the opportunity to make them even more accessible. I shared that. For all types of players.

In the God of War PC vs. PS5 Performance Review, “This PC port offers better boost than the PS4 Pro release, is more scalable, impacts the hardware, but is an option to improve resolution and quality. Provides better than the frame rate and even the aspect ratio provided by the PlayStation console. “

For more information, check out all the latest news about God of War Ragnarok. This is a sequel to arrive in 2022.

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