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Goat guarding the location-Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide

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Guard the goat location

Below, you will find detailed information about the location of each goat and how to find them in the order of discovery in the story.

Guard goat 1

  • location: On the village square, inside the shrine behind the statues of prisoners of war and some tombstonesThis guard goat is not to be missed because you will notice it quickly when you enter the village for the first time. As you follow the path leading to the cemetery, you will find it boiling in the small shrine on your right.

Guard goat 2

  • location: Top of a country church with a preservation room

When you enter the courtyard with the church, make sure to look up at the roof of the building and check the left side. You should find another guard goat, which is perched above and can be spied. This is an easy place to miss, but every time you visit the village you will stay where you are.


Guard goat 3

  • location: At the top of a stone wall on the far upper left side of the rest area, to the left of the gate of Louisa’s house

If you stick to the far left of the Fallow Plot, you can jump a small fence, and then move up a small radial to the stone wall behind the shed. Although this is a dead end, please take a look on the stone wall and find another wooden goat that can be shot with a pistol. It’s easy to miss this, especially when disturbed by werewolves.

Guard goat 4

  • location: In the vineyard in front of the castle, along the rocky wall, before meeting the duke

As you explore the creepy vineyards outside, check along the wall near the “Scarecrow” and spot a goat at the rocky outcrop, then shoot to destroy the frothy trinket. This is another thorny issue that is easy to miss. If you listen carefully, you can usually hear them too!

Guard goat 5

  • location: Before entering the blood wine waters, at the entrance of the Dimitrescu Castle Winery

When you walk into the depths of the winery, look to the candles to find another bubbling goat that can be wiped out. This makes some very loud sounds, so it’s easy to spot once you get down there.

Guard goat 6

  • location: After climbing the ladder in the attic of Dimitrescu Castle, enter the secret passage of the studio

After entering the attic, look around from where you appeared and watch for another bubbling goat near the back of the ladder in some boxes. By listening, it is easy to discover the other one.

Guard goat 7

  • location: On the one-way road leading from the ceremony site to the village, under the bridge in the dark room

There is another werewolf next to the pier below, you can fall from here, if you search a nearby dark room, you will find a noisy guard goat about to break. When searching near the pier, it is easy to miss this location.

Guard goat 8

  • location: In the cemetery behind the village church, in the upper right corner behind the mausoleum (iron badge required)

Be sure to look around in the cemetery to find herbs, broken crates, and guard goats behind a tomb in the back. If you don’t search every corner, it is easy to miss this place.

Guard goat 9

  • location: Next to the musician’s house in the village, between the house and the shed on the small pyre

Look for a small area between Luthier’s house and the shed. On the pile of wood, you can find another goat to shoot. This is not easy to miss. When you are outdoors, you will hear it boiling!

Guard goat 10

  • location: Cross the fields of Potter and head to the Manor Beneviento. When you pass the crumbling bridge, look at the bridge to the left

When you reach the incredibly disturbing suspension bridge, don’t worry, it will stay. What’s more, if you look at another bridge to the left, you can watch the guard goat sniping from where you are before crossing the bridge. This is not easy to miss, because it will be very obvious in the foggy background.

Guard goat 11

  • location: Outside Beneviento house, on the railing, overlooking the waterfall, just beside the fence

Before entering, you can search for a short flight of stairs on the edge of the cliff to overlook the waterfall, and there is another guard goat behind the fence that you can break. However, if you don’t search around the house before entering the house, this is an easy place to miss.

Guard goat 12

  • Location: Near the first windmill, enter after entering the reservoir, in a pile of wood near the entrance inside

Make sure to look around on the other side of the windmill to spot the guard goat hidden in a pile of logs. This is someone who is easy to find when walking around the windmill.

Guard goat 13

  • Location: During the process of avoiding Morrow through the submerged fishing village, look for a large tall plank between the main building and the broken windmill to find a goat perching on top

This is a hard-to-find place, but one has to look at the water from the minecart building and towards the broken windmill to find that some large wooden beams protrude vertically like a ship’s mast. On top of these boards is a lonely goat. It is dangerously ched and you need to spy on it from a distance.

Guard goat 14

  • Location: After defeating Moraeu, return to the place where you found that boat was driving down the draining windmill and looking to the left

When you leave the other side of the mill, look to the left and look at the guard goats perching on some rocks. This is a person who is fairly easy to find.

Guard goat 15

  • Location: Under the Otto Mill in the small shrine

Under the mill itself, look for a small shrine in the middle of the stream to find another goat that can be eliminated. You can see it emitting a little light from a distance, so don’t miss it.

Guard goat 16

  • Location: When descending from the winding stairwell of the fortress, there is a goat behind some buckets on the right

After reaching the bottom of the stairwell, look forward along the railing on the right to find the boiling guard goat to be crushed, and then move on. If you are in a hurry, it may be easy to miss. Listen carefully!

Guarding the goat 17

  • Location: At the top of the grinder shaft in the factory, barely poking out from behind the bulldozer plate along the wall-it can also be reached at the end of the ventilation shaft

In the ventilated area, at the top overlooking the shaft of the grinder, there are some bulldozer blades pushing the waste back and wedging it, and you will find a little missing bubbling goat to be destroyed.

Guard goat 18

  • Location: When you take the lift between B1 and B3, lean on the red support beam, which can be cut from the ladder outside the lift on MB3

This is a tricky wooden goat. When riding with Duke, look at the open elevator doors. Between B1 and B3, a goat perched along the red support beam. You either need to quickly spot and shoot it, or you can try to climb the ladder outside the B3 lift, then look back to spot it and snipe it.

Guarding the goat 19

  • Location: After defeating Sturm, in a small secret room, go through the vent and climb to the right of the Heisenberg Diary and Cigar to find it

After defeating Sturm and finding Heisenberg’s diary and cigar, you will hear a goat splashing around. If you look at the map, you will find a small room nearby. If you look around, a small vent will appear on the right side of the diary and you can crawl in it. Here, you will find a goat on the top of the bucket.

Guard goat 20

  • Location: In the finale, after Chris puts the detonator on the giant mold, look for a pool with black root spikes on the right side of the large creature. In the distance, a statue of a lady is a goat under her feet

After attaching the detonator to the giant sage, if you look to the right, you will find a truly dark pool filled with spike roots and a large statue. The goat is at the base.