In the Zodiac Showdown, as seen in the new movie, fight Jean Claude, Nunchaku, Svengeance, Stronghold, and Belle Bottom in the form of a special zodiac. Minions: The rise of glue.. Now, if you’re thinking, “Don’t sweat, snakes will be easier to beat than regular nunchakus,” let me tell you that nothing is as scary as a weapon-wielding snake. Except for the bell-bottoms, probably as a fire-breathing dragon … don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Finally, you can also grab yourself to celebrate the release of this update and the new movie Free in-game minion hoodie In the dressing room! Is Minions yellow because it’s my favorite color, or is my favorite color yellow for Minions? I’m the only one who knows the answer, but I’ll tell you this. If you have already purchased the Minions x Minecraft Mashup, this new update will be available for free. If not yet Minecraft MarketplaceWhere can i Buy DLC And be the chaotic agent you’ve always known!