Passion Republic Games has unveiled Kongkrete, a perceptual office building that will be a playable character in the studio’s upcoming multiplayer fighting game, Giga Bash.

Here at IGN, you can see Kongkrete’s gameplay for the first time in the new official Giga Bash trailer. See the confusion of the actions below.

Kongkrete has one advantage over enemies in Giga Bash’s monster roster. As a building, it can blend in with other structures on the map when it is completely stationary. This allows the horror of skyscrapers to gain a surprising element. This is not what you would expect from a tower block.

Enemies who get too close to Kongkrete can be damaged by a burst of Giga Energy that reverses control of movement, making it much more difficult to counterattack and avoid your blow. However, such a move is inferior to Kongkrete’s Ultimate ability. It turns into a rocket-powered skyscraper that can crush enemies flat.

GigaBash-Screenshot of Kongkrete

GigaBash is a 4-player multiplayer blower inspired by monster movies. With a roster of monsters, monsters, and heroes, players can cause confusion with completely destructible maps (thus expect a lot of collapsed buildings, with the exception of Kongkrete). It will be released on PS5, PS4, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in early 2022.

Check out the 17-minute Giga Bash gameplay for more information. In this game you can see the hero Gigaman attacking the monster Scorak.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and entertainment writer.