Let your friends know and get your family together. Night Squad 2 I’m getting new content today!

Our team at Chainsawesome Games is really proud to bring you a legendary update. This content update adds two new game modes, demonstrating the return of two legendary characters, and many minor changes.

The first mode that comes with the Legendary Update is the return mode from the original mode. Night squadExtra Chivalry DLC, Jailbreak. This is a 4 to 4 mode in which both teams hold a cell. All enemies you kill will reappear in your prison and can only come out if your allies come to their rescue. The round ends when the entire team is behind the bar.Our community was quite disappointed that this wasn’t part of Night Squad 2 Since we have a lineup at the time of release, we prioritized narrowing down with the first update.

The second mode is the all-new Vault Raider. This mode can be played in Free for All, Duos, or Squads and can be played in two phases. First, the player must use a drill, laser gun, or bazooka to scramble to find the key hidden in the destructible wall. Once all the keys are found, one player or one team must bring all the keys to the vault to win the match.

Night Squad 2

In addition to that, the sinister Black Knight Sinister and the ardent Teal Knight Spike are back in the nightclub. If they inadvertently complete the quest they need, they will unlock it as soon as they enter the game.

Hope you have the opportunity to enjoy new free content at Night Squad 2 We welcome your feedback with your favorite game partner (or Nemesis).

Have a nice day!

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Knight Squad 2 is a chaotic arcade multiplayer game with up to 8 players participating. Choose eccentric knights and fight for glory with wacky weapons. Defeat your friends in a ridiculous amount of game modes, both locally and online. Get ready to have fun … Local and online cross-platform multiplayer – gather friends and challenge strangers. It doesn’t matter which platform you play on. A ridiculous amount of game modes – battle royale brawls, capture the Holy Grail, push payloads, hunt souls, become a minion master and more. Wacky Weapons – Arm your knight with medieval weapons such as aristocratic bows, exotic boomerangs, and sneaky melee mines. Customizable Gameplay – Eliminate confusion by enabling slippery floors, exploding corpses, or changing starter weapons and upgrades.