Monday, May 16th, 2022

Get ready for the Mushroom Wars 2 competition

Mushroom Wars 2 Is a very competitive real-time strategy game where you control a unit of handsome little mushrooms. Each battle is short, usually about 5 minutes, but it’s a very fierce clash between you and another player. You have to be completely absorbed!

You can prepare for story-driven campaigns by playing solo, but no computer opponent can compete with the cunning minds of real human opponents.

Mushroom Wars 2 Proven eSports games are now available on the latest consoles. We asked the community manager for tips on basic aspects of the game that could help a novice general Mushroom.

Attack and defense

At first glance, the game looks like math and numbers are all. The IDE with more units should win the battle. But it’s not that simple.

There are defense and attack multipliers that play a major role in the game. By gaining an advantage over your opponent, you can “trade” fewer units with Micro Fight.

How to increase protection and attack index:

– Level up buildings for higher defense

– Get a higher level of morale

– Use hero skills such as Rudo’s Defensive Walls and Ayner’s Rage

– Forging construction

Number of troops

It’s difficult, but not impossible, to predict a successful attack because the number of units in the enemy building is hidden. Fortunately, at the top of the match screen there is a bar showing the total army each player has. I don’t know the exact number of each building, but you can get the average by dividing by the number of buildings you own.



Morale may be the most important aspect of the game to prevent the snowball effect. Morale is displayed just below the unit volume bar at the top of the battle screen. The level of morale is visualized with stars.

As I said before, the higher your morale, the higher your offensive and defensive indicators. In addition, the unit’s speed has increased, affecting the army’s damage factor per second.

Things to keep in mind: Don’t attack your enemies with the advantage of two morale levels. It is very likely that the attack will not succeed, and in most cases you will “feed” the enemy and win for free.

To increase morale, you need to do the following:

– Capture the building

– Defend enemy attacks

– Upgrade the building

– Use the active skills of some heroes

You are demoralized when the following happens:

– Your unit dies on the battlefield

– You lose the building

– Inactive



There is a much more efficient way to send units on very tight lines, which is not cheating!It was an original bug Mushroom Wars However, it became a feature of the sequel.

This is called snakes. Meandering can make the attack more powerful and unpredictable.

To perform meandering, you need to do the following:

  1. Select the building to which you want to send the units and make sure there are less than 35 units inside.
  2. Hold down the right bumper button and select the building you want to send the unit to.
  3. Press the B button as quickly as possible in the requested building.

We hope these tips will help you show your real skills in 1v1 or 2v2 combat. Good luck and newborn Mushroom General!


Mushroom Wars 2

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Mushroom Wars 2 is an award-winning sequel to the acclaimed RTS hit, built on the core gameplay experience that made the original Mushroom Wars so much fun. Learning mushroom fighting ropes is as easy with simple and intuitive controls as gamepad support. But the journey to become a terrifying commander requires fast reflexes, a strategic eye, and the ability to oversee up to thousands of units at one time. Once you’re confident in your skills, fighting an army of mushrooms against other players is the best way to improve. Mushroom Wars 2 is tournament-friendly, with fierce competition through league system and ranked matches. In addition, the replay feature and spectator mode make it easy to enter highly competitive scenes. Do you just want to enjoy friendly skirmishes with your friends? Custom games allow you to experiment with new strategies with up to 3 friends in free or team-based matches. Whether you’re fighting hordes of enemies deep in single-player campaigns or playing against your friends in different multiplayer modes, Mushroom Wars 2 offers intense, fast-paced short session battles.