Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Get out now and play Cat Detective with Inspector Waffle

Bird Detective for Aviary Attorney, Alligator Detective for Later Alligator, Mouse Detective Basil Olivia’s Great AdventureAnd now, the inspector waffle cat detective. Is there anything ominous in the animal kingdom that requires an investigator for all these creatures?

We don’t worry too much about that question when checking the story of the murder, mystery, murder mystery inspector waffle, where the waffle must understand things before the waffle kills the cat. By that we mean him. Because he is a cat.

Image: Greedy
Inspector waffle
Image: Greedy

The game has a 10% launch discount until October 20th, but is typically $ 13.99 / € 12.99.There is also a physical version available from the French publisher Red Art Games, but now Only PS4 version can be pre-ordered..