Monday, September 20th, 2021

Gen:Lock, the 50th champion and more appear in the biggest Paladin update to date

Newest Paladin The update brings a lot of new content for players to enjoy, including our first ever cross-border game featuring the popular rooster tooth show “Gen:Lock!”.

In this patch, the event pass has been transformed into a cross pass, the number of bonus levels has been increased, and five new advanced skins based on the iconic heroes of the show are included. Maeve, who threw daggers, became Cammie, a cunning technology enthusiast, and Zin, who wielded deadly swords, showed rebellious tendencies as Kazu. The arrogant sniper Kinesa became an elite elite Valentina, and the headhunting lawyer Lex became a powerful Yasamin. In the end, Victor, who has been on the battlefield, became captain Chase and completed the Gen:Lock roster.

Players will also unlock rewards such as death seals, spray paint, and avatars, all of which are concentrated in the world of Gen:Lock and have other fan favorite characters such as Dr. Rufus Weller and Nugget!

In addition to all of these, the Gen:Lock patch also has Paladin‘The landmark 50th champion, Repori Mage Rei. A scholar of the Eko family and Lian’s trusted right-hand man, Li is a champion champion. She is not afraid to be on the front line with her allies and is always ready to protect their safety. Rei’s core gameplay revolves around her Spirit Link ability, which allows her to tie a continuous flow of magic to allies or enemies. However, players need to pay attention to their position, because if they are too far away from the target, the link will be broken.


Connecting to an enemy will cause them to take damage over time and reduce their movement speed, while connecting to an ally will allow them to heal over time and produce an ultimate charge. Rei’s alt-fire heals an ally and then bounces back to other nearby allies. If a person is tied to Rei, it will provide a greater healing bonus. Rei’s Envelop ability will limit the possible damage to herself and her associated allies in a short period of time, and provide a movement bonus, which is very suitable for leaving or entering combat. Rei’s ultimate skill is Vivify, which can make her connected allies invincible for a short period of time, and then apply powerful healing effects to allies and herself when the effect ends.

This Paladin The team is very happy to achieve such a huge milestone in the game, but we did not stop there. This patch also shows the return of the Bounty Store with a new coat of paint.Players will get bounty coins through the game Paladin And watch the Twitch live broadcast, and use these coins to buy from a limited number of skins and other items (such as XP Boosts) in a rotating selection. The Gen:Lock patch also has balance changes, a new limited time mode, and more! Let the good times roll in with the Gen:Lock Paladins update, now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

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