Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Gear Up for Doctor Who: Real Edge in Official Gameplay Video

It was a fascinating few months for Doctor Who fans. Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin Arrived on Switch in August Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality It’s only a few days since the release on October 14th.

This is the debut game (a kind of) Previously in VR Edge of timeHowever, as the development leader told us in an interview, this new arrival is a “rethought and expanded story.” Prior to its release, developer Maze shares a gameplay video to show what to expect. The top is a flashy trailer and the bottom is the opening playthrough.

As you can see, it still shows the ancestors of VR with a first-person perspective and puzzle solving, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. It looks like it captures the atmosphere of the series well. The footage is likely to be a PC build, but I’ve seen some of this style of first-person games work pretty well on Switch. Hopefully There is a good version along the way.

Tell us your thoughts-do you want to get this?