Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

GBCorp if you have multiple Game Boys.Makes you big

Image: Nintendo Life

The development scene surrounding retro Nintendo hardware seems to continue to attract a loyal group of enthusiastic fans. Game Boy in particular has recently seen many new and improved games.Interesting projects coming to our radar GB Corp..There is a pretty fun mechanic for anyone who has a collection of Game Boy models.

‘Developed by Dr.With Ludo Released on, It’s an “incremental / idle game” that runs on the original hardware, and its smart twist is that it’s better to play alternately between different models.You run a company with real employees Gameboy system, And your goal is to manage your team (and their battery level) to stay productive and increase profits.

The official description and some screens are shown below.

Core gameplay is very simple.You hire a console from the Game Boy line (Original GB, GB Pocket, GB Color, Super Game Boy), And they work for your “push button” company.When you make enough money you can Hire more employees, When Upgrade what you have So they regain more income. You also need to be aware of their power levels. Please replace the battery Of your employees when they are empty!

The concept is very simple, but the game also has its own features. The console you hire will only work if you run the game on the same console model. Therefore, to get GBC employees to work, you need to play the game in real Game Boy Color. (Or set the emulator to “GBC mode”).. If you want to activate GBP employees instead, you’ll need to unplug the cartridge and put it in your Game Boy pocket from your collection. (Or change the emulator settings).. The game uses SRAM saves, so the progress of the game is maintained while you switch consoles.

This “console change” is how the actual gameplay works. It’s not a simple device. If you have a small number of employees, battery replacement is not a burden. But when you adopt dozens of them, it costs a lot of money.However, if you want to switch from one console model to another (For example, switch the cart from GBC to the original GB), All active employees get a new set of batteries for free!

This is a fun idea. The ROM must be in the flash cart for playback on native hardware. Of course, if you don’t have a collection of Game Boy systems, the page will give you advice on how to enjoy using the emulator.

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