Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

GBA’s unreleased “Dune” game is back on Kickstarter, deducting intellectual property rights

Image: Retro room game


NS The Kickstarter campaign is now live here, And strong early momentum means not far from the goal of 59 days still remaining.


If your collection includes Nintendo’s retro handhelds, yet There are several interesting releases and projects.The latest one that pops up Eland: Crystal Wars In the case of Game Boy Advance, a game that publisher The Retro Room Games has revived by subtracting the famous IP.

Originally dating back to 2002, it was a nearly complete GBA game, but was canceled due to financial issues with publisher Cryo Interactive. This is the developer Soft Brigade (Hat tips for Unseen 64).At that point it was called Frank Herbert Dunes: Ornithopter Assault, License to use the iconic novel characters and settings. There is no doubt that you have seen a lot of the latest movie versions in the media. It was a flying / shooter with over 20 stages and even some multiplayer modes for use with portable link cables.

About 20 years later, Retro Room Games acquired the title rights, but apparently couldn’t renew or acquire the Dune IP. As a result, the game has been re-tooled with some visual and script tweaks to remove specific dune references. So for those who have always wanted the opportunity to own a new name, and a canceled game, this looks like the best option to get a real cartridge and a “full” version.

In the past, it has been emphasized that such projects (acquisition of expired rights and modification of old games) are not always endorsed by the original creative team. Indeed, there is a view that the work of the former team of the Soft Brigade, who was keen on working on licensed dune games, should be left alone.

In any case, the game will appear in the GBA in the future, assuming you have the rights, deducted the Dune IP, and have enough money and orders-a Kickstarter page It will be live.

If you want to know what this is, here’s an archived footage of Unseen64 from the original build.

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