Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Gank Review-IGN

Contrary to what my actual home condition might mean, I find something very satisfying about cleaning up video games. It makes Gunk particularly attractive to me, as its linear campaign has plenty of opportunities to systematically return the mud-covered alien planet to a beautiful pristine landscape. As the first 3D game of Image & Form Games (best known in the great Steam World series), The Gunk’s fairly short journey isn’t a big deal to extend a shallow but consistently entertaining concept, but nonetheless. It’s fun Clean up the goops that cover the world and reveal the grounded sci-fi story told there.

At the heart of an action-adventure game, The Gunk controls the bold and optimistic space explorer Rani with his more cautious and serious partner, Becks. They look for resources to land and clean the unknown alien world. Instead, they found a planet where the pockets of green energy and the life around them were suffocated by a seemingly malicious mass of black bleeding. Equipped with a robot vacuum, the four-hour campaign explores the planet, pairing the causes behind it and sucking up the gunk. Even if it’s a little simple, it’s a pretty cool story, and there’s a pretty inspirational message about the state of our own planet.

Gank screenshot

Most of this adventure is spent on straight roads or flying around small puzzle areas. In either case, you usually try to get rid of all the gunk you see or reach the switch to open the next route. ..Hold down the correct trigger a lot Suck up all the blobs in front of you and thoroughly clean the area to miraculously revive in a always satisfying way. Gunk is a really nice game, both with its vibrant alien terrain and sometimes an absolutely amazing soundtrack that makes wandering around those areas a beautiful meditative exercise.

The actual platform and puzzles themselves are fun, but they don’t have to be complex or diverse enough to run something like a Mario game for money. It’s never fun to clean up a lot of gunk to help the plant grow and climb the shelves, or to pull a switch that can twist the platform in the right direction needed to cross the gap. Also, very light combat is scattered throughout the section of the platform, which can be destroyed by sucking up and shooting back small gunk monsters. Also, the slightly larger ones are fixed at the place where the rocks are fired until they come close. And tear them apart from their base.

Each area has managed to keep these simple activities interesting with new ideas, but it doesn’t get overly exciting, even if the constantly spinning platform or enemies have difficulty reaching the location. The only movement mechanisms are “walking” and “jumping”, and combat options are primarily limited to sucking (and slowly recharging stun blasts commonly used to shoot puzzle objects outside combat). If so, this is not a big surprise than attacking the enemy). But the general atmosphere of the Gank world will undoubtedly help fill some of the mechanical gaps that might otherwise start to feel boring. This includes a joke as Lani and Beck’s unravel the story of this planet. – Sometimes I use cute jokes, and others use leggings that I’m worried about.

You can also look for craft materials that can be collected in each new area, take them back to the ship, and exchange them for new upgrades that are convenient in most cases. These range from increasing vacuum speeds to more important forces such as lures that temporarily divert enemies. can Combat wasn’t that simple, so it never felt like something in need of help anyway. Still, upgrades are a great reward for checking every corner and going down the route for all options. These routes are always pretty short, but the very straight paths still make you feel like you’re hiding some secrets here and there. That said, if you’re keen on sucking up the material you see, you can easily unlock all upgrades so you can feel the crafting choices like passive leveling rather than actual customization. ..