In the party game hall of fame, Gang Beasts is one of OG’s big dogs, alongside Nidhogg, Jackbox, and Overcooked. Gang Beasts is a chaotic, quirky physics fighter who is completely dependent. incomp-itude Like a giant chocolate cake or a puppy, whenever I pulled it out at a party, it was always a huge success.

So it’s strange that it took so long to come to Nintendo Switch.With early access YearIf you’ve played it since 2014, it’s probably its EA version.4 years later Official Released on PC, Xbox One and PS4, it finally reached the switch. We claim that this is the home of party games. (Of course you would say so.)

Switch’s Gang Beasts works well. It’s not a game that requires any graphics, it’s all very simple, from how it works to the menus. There are two options, local play and online play, and different modes such as melee, gang, soccer and wave.

However, proximity is what you want. That’s why people love Gang Beasts so much. A floppy ragdoll punch that has attracted public attention for this boneless game. There are various obstacles at each level. From minced meat to large flaps on the floor that continue to be opened by large falling sausages, the game is always aimed at avoiding these dangers rather than fighting. Of course, you can hit, kick, or head-butt your opponent to knock them out and give them time to throw them into the obstacles mentioned above, but you can accidentally fall on the railroad tracks or leave. There is also the possibility of headbutting. Scaffolding, yourself.

Most matches end because people are having a hard time keeping the Jerry Boy upright. Not to mention hitting other people from the Ferris wheel. Often, the winner is the only one who didn’t stumble on his feet by default, but it’s fun in local play, so it’s still not that fun. teeth chaos. It’s more about laughing at ridiculous wiggles and their ineffective floppy headbutts than the skills needed to actually play the game well, which is fine for us.

But that means Gang Beasts doesn’t work as well as online multiplayer games. Without voice chat, which isn’t one of Nintendo Switch’s strengths, Gang Beasts is a frustrating game about fighting a bunch of quiet strangers and unruly physics. Sure, you can get a third-party app for voice chat, but such ones beat the points of party games. Anyway, no one is actually having a party right now. This is not Gang Beasts’ fault. You can invite people, but they must already be on your Switch’s friends list, which is certainly pretty standard.

The match was a bit modest and quiet, as matchmaking attempts rarely resulted in more than one other person, but the connections were good and the wait times were perfectly good. Online mode works fine, so it doesn’t make much sense to provide Gang Beasts with online mode. Online mode is available for those who need it. It turns out to be a little boring to strangers, but that’s it. When it comes to gang and football modes, I haven’t really matched enough people to make them work, so I can’t really say how good they are.

But with enough controllers, the Switch is a natural home for Gang Beasts local play.You can change some settings to determine the number of wins you need to win, the color of your character, the outfit you wear, and the stage you need, but in the end, GangBeasts keeps things going. very Simple, developer Boneloaf seems to be aware that they hit the money with mechanics, and you don’t have to dress up too much.

As a result, the game wrapper very Barebone. In addition to local, online, and wireless (for local play with multiple switches) options, there are costume wardrobes, settings, and credits. Unfortunately, the settings are sparse and you may want to turn on volume control, language options, and vibration. Button remapping and color blind options are welcome, but not available.

Costumes, on the other hand, range from licensed Rick and Morty outfits to adorable bear, dog and cat outfits. It doesn’t mechanically add anything to the game other than identifying the player, but it’s cute.

However, there are two questions to answer. One is Gang Beasts. yet A good party game, and secondly, is it worth the Switch? The answer to the latter is “yes” — it works well and is the gang beast experience you’d expect, but it’s more portable.

The answer to the former is a little more complicated. Because the point of Gang Beasts is that it’s junk and jerky, and … it’s not yet. To be honest, there isn’t much polish. This is part of the attraction. You probably don’t want to pay £ 25 for a game that looks like it was released in 2014. Only you can answer that question. If you love Gang Beasts and don’t mind paying 20-30 currency units for the chance to get the portable version, get it already.


The attraction of Gang Beasts has always been a jerky, unpredictable, chaotic physics brawl. I’m happy or disappointed to find that it hasn’t changed much since 2014. The Switch works fine in local and online modes. However, Switch’s voice chat option makes the latter option less attractive. But if you’re a fan of portable party games, this is a classic you can’t miss.