Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Gallery: Sonic Movie 2 Trailer Breakdown-Biplane, Snowboard, Egg Mobile

Image: Paramount Pictures

Trailer Release of Upcoming Sonic Movie Sequel — Wise Title Sonic the Hedgehog 2 — At yesterday’s TGA, fans first saw (and heard) the knuckle properly. It also featured a lot of nods to the game series and some elements that fans might have expected to see in the first movie. As you know, chaos emeralds, big stakes, things like that.

The two-minute trailer is packed with a fair amount, so here’s a breakdown of the gallery for some big moments. There is a vote at the end and let us know your thoughts now.

The trailer begins with nice shoes / gloves / chili dog details as Sonic prepares for the night of the fight against crime.

Batman receives mention of the dialogue (and Sonic composer Tee Lopes reminded me of the original “Blue Justice” from the Mega Drive Sonic Cart), but the way he jumps off the building feels like Spider-Man. rice field.

Sonic commands a truck stolen from a crime, but things don’t go well. As I’ve heard James Marsden is back, good intentions can have unintended consequences … well, what was his character’s name? forget. Let’s go with’John McEverydude’. Anyway, the Sonic owner / guardian gives him some advice on the boat.

It’s as fun as the trailer looks, but the trailer conversations had little laughter and no laughter, so I hope they’ve properly preserved the movie’s ginger.

Anyway, the father’s story continues with the ominous scene of imminent ruin and the image of Sonic’s goofing, like the powerful but immature hedgehog he is. Great power, great responsibility And what do you have? Sonic has goose bumps. Opla’s joke. Cut.

Now you can see Robotnik returning to Earth wherever he is — probably Mobius. His assistant is overjoyed.Cue Week’Stash Prank Moaning.

Ace fills his deficiency in what he has done, and we first see the chaos emerald, the proper genuine Sonic “thing”. Green too! World domination is coming.

And look! It’s another Sonic staple — the tail! And another detailed shoe shot. Close-up footshot enthusiasts seem to be well catered this time.

For some hot biplane action and some easy lines of tornadoes when Robotnik launches a large number of missiles. It’s like a sky chase zone with a suspension.

Robotonic is trying to cut off his chest, Jane Makeberry Dude and her sister’s high five, and Sonic and Tales, while Sonic is collecting some rings through a fiery corridor / tunnel. Appears in some description winter lodges. Disgust of the locals.

Sonic goes as fast as his will. Sonic snowboards also catch missiles and then put them back in place.

Well, for a big announcement — all the knuckles of his Idris Elba-style glory! He is not interested in Sonic’s shining power and has his own movements. Obviously, Robotnik convinced him that Sonic was a bad guy.

If you didn’t expect the knuckle to be an adversary … Come on, people! Do Sonic’s homework.

Robotnik makes a late introduction, Sonic counts down and creates a title card with a cute little tail on the “2”. boom!

And you’re there! What did you think of the trailer? Please let us know by voting below.

Sonic Movie 2 Robotnik Finger Click
Image: Paramount Pictures