Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Gallery: Have a good impression of the new world generation of Minecraft

Sometimes, it is boring to have to write that other people have a good time in video games. It mainly makes us hope that we ourselves are the ones who have fun, not those who sit in front of files and write down the fun words about others.

But did you know? Why only write Minecraft Caves & Cliffs updates, when we can play by ourselves! We have Minecraft and the ability to take screenshots! Yes it is!

So, this is our adventure gallery in the newly generated Minecraft world, using the experimental cave and cliff 1.18 snapshot on PC-reportedly, the update will appear on Switch this holiday, but if you don’t mind, you can visit it now It’s a bit clumsy. In the screenshots, you can see huge caves, flora and a series of gentler slopes, as well as local water levels and re-adjusted ore distribution.

Mo’ Cave, Mo’ Question

The new giant cave is quite exciting, but also full of dangers. Zombies, creepers, lava, all you can think of, are all here. Flying around these huge burrows is a good time, but walking around is very difficult.

Mountain time

Oops, that river is so beautiful. We don’t know if this is new or if we have never seen such a majestic winding water scene before. But look at their slopes! !

View room

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs 1.18 snapshot

There are no evil residents in this hillside village. probably. In any case, the villagers of Minecraft do not have the real brain power to figure out the morals.

Properly lush

The lush cave is a pretty cute new addition, adding moss blocks, azaleas, dripping plants and new plant light sources, so they are easy to find in large caves.

Trapped marine life

A recurring feature of the New World generation is that the new local water levels sometimes form huge underground lakes (very cool), which produce glowing squids (also cool), and they often strand themselves and die (not cool) ). However, this is urgent storytelling!

Drops, drops

The new drip stone caves are sharp, dangerous, and very beautiful, even if they will kill you.

Better visibility

Of course, we heard you say that to be able to see things for miles in these new caves must be done Really Is it easy to find ore and other good things? Well, yes and no. We quickly found a monster spawning box, but diamonds took much longer-in fact, we only found one during our exploration, and due to new ore generation adjustments, its price was -30. However, we found it without any digging, so at least it is good news for your pick!

Tell us in the comments below if you have found anything interesting in the new world!