The latest patch for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has been released, and among many other changes, raytracing has been added to both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X | S.

As detailed by the development team Reddit, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy ray tracing patch was released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on November 17th. Subsequent patches will also be provided to the PC, but players will need to see the benefits until November 19th.

Ray tracing options can be accessed from the game’s video settings menu. This menu allows you to turn the feature on and off. This feature has many bug fixes and common bug fixes, including improved performance for users playing games on the original PS4 and adjusting the input sensitivity of players using the old Dualshock controller that was the prey to damage. Includes improvements.

There’s also good news for anyone playing on the Xbox Series S. The latest changes include an option to lift the FPS cap on the console, allowing players to run the game at 30-60 FPS. However, keep in mind that doing so can lead to frame rate instability in some areas of the game.

Guardians Costume-Galaxy Guardians

Like most post-release updates, the latest patches include a number of common bug fixes and performance improvements for the game. A complete list of these can be read in the official patch notes above. Reddit You need to want. For more information on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, check out the reviews for the games that awarded 8/10. This is called “a fun, no-frills single-player campaign full of space comics.” Also, if you’ve already played it, check out the ending description feature.

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