Monday, September 20th, 2021

Gabe Newell: Pricing for Valve’s similar switch Steam Deck is “painful”

© Valve

In case you missed it, Valve’s rumored “Switch-like” handheld device has now been officially announced as the Steam platform.

Although the American company, known for its PC digital gaming platform, has not made any comparisons with Nintendo’s hybrid system itself, it is difficult to ignore some similarities, and the price point is only $50 higher than the recently announced Switch OLED. .

In a conversation with IGN, Valve President Gabe Newell mentioned how important it is to find a balance between performance and price when designing the Steam platform. Although performance is the top priority, unfortunately, the trade-off is what Newell calls a “painful” price point:

“I want to pick it up and say, oh, everything worked. Everything is fast. Everything…then the price point is secondary and painful. But this is clearly a key aspect of it.”

In a hands-on video, IGN compares the internal technology of the system in the “court” of Xbox One and PlayStation 4-and shows such things as control, Death stranded with Eternal doom Run it. It is undeniable that in terms of the types of games it can run, it is light years ahead of the Switch, but it is only $50 more than the OLED model.

If Valve gets it right, Newell believes that this new device, which the company calls a “small PC”, may sell millions of units:

“So our view is that if we do it right, then we will sell millions of units.”

Just yesterday, Bloomberg released a report claiming that each Switch OLED upgrade cost Nintendo about $10 more.

Compared with Nintendo’s Switch pricing, what’s your opinion on Steam Deck’s starting price of US$399/£349? Do you think Nintendo has anything to worry about? Leave your thoughts below.