Friday, September 17th, 2021

From the vibrant desert to the summit of the volcano: Explore the biomes and seasons of Forza Horizon 5

Although it is undeniable, gorgeous supercars and off-road vehicles built for fun are the stars of this show Forza Horizon In the series, what really makes the game shine is a variety of environments based on real life.Does it raise dust as it travels through the outback of Australia Forza Horizon 3 Or on a refreshing autumn day, leaving a trail of rotating leaves in the English countryside Forza Horizon 4, We all have fond memories of exploring the vibrant world created by the Playground Games developers.and Forza Horizon 5, The team set their sights on the most diverse region to date: Mexico.

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted this to be the biggest Forza Horizon However. However, if we want to be the largest, then we feel that we also need to provide the greatest variety and contrast,” said creative director Mike Brown. Forza Horizon Play in the playground. “Mexico is almost like a country of the entire world: snow-capped mountains, tropical forests, epic canyons, beautiful beaches, ancient buildings and modern cities. When you add Mexico’s incredible culture-music , Art, history, people-there is nothing more exciting than this at the Horizon Music Festival.”

The Playground Games team has collapsed Forza Horizon 5Mexico is divided into 11 unique and unique biomes, each of which has been carefully studied and reconstructed by the team. “Our team collects references from this location and creates conceptual images that highlight the beauty and unique details of each biome. We use techniques such as photogrammetry to reconstruct the environment in an accurate and accurate manner,” said art director Don Arceta. Forza Horizon 5 Play in the playground. “And we bring the beauty of the world into it through the sights and sounds you can find in every area. The goal of the art process is to make it feel like you are really there.”

The season will return Forza Horizon 5, Adds a new layer of diversity and complexity than the previous experience Forza Horizon game. More importantly, each of the 11 unique biomes will change with the seasons. For example, spring means rainy season in Mexican jungle and farmland, while summer may bring strong tropical thunderstorms in coastal areas. Forza Horizon 5 The seasons ensure that Mexico continues to evolve and encourage players to fully explore the world every time the season changes.

But what about the biome itself?Distributed on a map about one and a half times the size of the map Forza Horizon 4Yes, the 11 biomes represent the most diverse map a Forza Horizon The game was delivered. Let’s take a closer look:


You may recognize this as shown in Forza Horizon 5 The trailer was announced in June. It is full of rock formations with unique striped patterns, many of which have been eroded into ominous objects found only in the canyon. Fun fact: Each biome has a unique audio frequency, and the canyon echoes more than any other.

Tropical coast

When you imagine vacationing in tropical Mexico, this may be what you think. There are palm trees, seagulls, white sandy beaches and calm waters everywhere, and it feels like a vivid postcard. At least until you reach the storm season, which completely changes the way you navigate. Watch out for the flying palm trees!


Unlike the flat or drier farmland found in some areas before Forza Horizon In the game, these rolling hills are covered with dense vegetation, fruit trees and wide shallow rivers. When you cruise here, you will have many fences to break through and picturesque homes to explore.

Dry hills

As the name suggests, this biome is covered with hay on rolling hills and plains. If you like off-roading, this biome provides plenty of open space for you to drive through. One of the coolest features in this biome is a lake that actually dries up in winter, opening up shortcuts through fast lanes and secret areas.


This biome is full of dense vegetation and towering trees, letting beautiful sunlight through the canopy, and some impressive waterfalls and winding rivers. There are many hidden temples in the area, all based on real locations in Mexico.

Living desert

For the first time Forza Horizon series, Forza Horizon 5 With a cactus desert, there are towering cacti everywhere. There are also many rock formations and rock piles unique to the area. As the name suggests, it is full of life, with plenty of flowers and wild animals.

Rocky coast

Although the tropical coast has many trees and vegetation, it has a completely different atmosphere. Since there are not many trees, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and the beautiful sunset at the end of the day. As a reward for all golfers, you can even go around the golf course (read: pass).


This biome is full of towering sand dunes, which is perfect for wandering around and digging into the sand in off-road vehicles.If you don’t want to get sand between your toes, many roads in the area have long straights, so there are plenty of opportunities to see your favorite riding speed real go.


Although the swamp may not sound like the best place for competition, the shallow waters of this biome are a great place for competition. There are many mangrove forests in the swamp, and their root systems are very dense and interconnected. You can actually break through these during the race and change the route depending on whether your car can handle it.

Guanajuato City

Like many cities in Mexico, there are many amazing buildings and bright colors everywhere. However, unlike many cities, it has many rolling hills and tunnels, forming some very interesting tracks. Like a canyon, you will hear a lot of echoes echoing on the narrow roads of the city.


In another first for Forza Horizon In the series, this huge mountain is located beside the desert of life. This is a very high altitude volcano, so driving to the top of the mountain is a unique experience that rewards players by seeing the horizon in the distance. This is also the only place in the game where you will encounter snow, so be sure to bring an extra coat.

We hope you enjoy in-depth understanding of the various biomes you will encounter Forza Horizon 5. This is the largest and most diverse open world in history Forza Horizon The game features vibrant, evolving landscapes and unlimited driving actions of hundreds of the world’s greatest cars.

You can start exploring Mexico on November 9th, when Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Series X|S, PCs on Windows and Steam, and Xbox Game Pass versions including console, PC and cloud games (beta).