Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Friday 13th: Game developers are working on Ghostbusters games

Friday the 13th and Predator Hunting Ground developer Illfonic is working on the Ghostbusters game.

As pointed out by ResetEra Raphael Saadiq, co-founder of UserChair Home, Illfonic Studios, casually revealed the title in a recent interview with a music podcast. Questlove Supreme..

Saadiq slipped the news that the company is working on a Ghostbusters tie-up after being asked how many games the studio currently has. “Friday the 13th [is] It’s the last project, the predator, and we’re currently working on Ghostbusters, “says Saadiq, talking about the studio’s latest project, Arcadegeddon. This project is currently released in 2022 with Early Access.

Saadiq didn’t go back to the Ghostbusters topic for the rest of the interview, so he didn’t learn much more about the game itself, or even which movie it would portray (if any). However, Sony has unveiled the developer’s previous movie tie-up game, Predator Hunting Ground, and also owns the Ghost Buster franchise, so news of studio work on the game is an area of ​​potential for many fans. You may feel that it is not too far from. After all, who else is Sony going to call?

It’s still speculation at this point, but Illfonic’s involvement may indicate the kind of game we’re trying to get. The studio’s previous movie tie-up projects are both asymmetric multiplayer games, horrifying that one player has to defeat a group of survivors controlled by another on both the Predator Hunting Ground and Friday the 13th. Controlled the enemy to be. So are you watching the Busters vs. Ghost game?

In recent years, Ghostbusters has seen few attempts to adapt video games. 2019’s Ghostbusters: Video Game Remastered was the last entry into the franchise and was still a re-release of a game created 10 years ago. The Ghostbusters brand has been featured to varying degrees in game add-ons such as Fortnite and Planet Coaster, but fans of the supernatural series will find a fully fleshed-out tie-up long behind.

For more Ghostbusters news, check out Ghostbusters’ latest trailer: Afterlife. The movie was recently rescheduled for its November 19th release, but a bit late.

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