Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Freedom Planet 2 gets an updated trailer and steams in the spring of 2022

Image: Galaxy Trail

Freedom Planet It made a big impact in 2014 and got the Wii U a year later, reminding me of the joy of 16-bit action platformers, especially on the old SEGA Megadrive / Genesis. It drew a comparison with Sonic games, especially when the project was partially launched as a fan game, but it also established its own style.

Started by Sabrina DiDuro, the developer Galaxy Trail, now made up of a small but dedicated international team, is working over time. Freedom Planet 2..NS Studio website DiDuro describes the project’s goals as follows:

The original Freedom Planet was modeled as a homage to the Sega Genesis platform game. I learned what works, what doesn’t, what is fun and frustrating, what should be expanded, and what can be lost. With all this in mind, we say goodbye to nostalgia and feel ready to create a sequel that defines Freedom Planet’s identity as a franchise.

Currently, the studio has released an updated version of the game trailer, including some new gameplay footage, confirming that it will arrive on Steam in the spring of 2022.