Halo Infinite’s first event, Fracture: Tenrai, gives Spartans around the world the chance to win free rewards like the Samurai-inspired Yoroi Armor Core. Unfortunately, many have already encountered problems with gate progress and padded event paths.

Fracture: The Tenrai Event Pass is free to all players and includes 30 levels of rewards. Unlike Halo Infinite’s Premium Battle Pass, which requires XP to level up, players can only advance the Event Pass by completing certain Event Challenges. There’s nothing wrong with that, but a few other factors surrounding it are causing frustration for certain players.

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For one thing, the event pass cannot be completed in this first week, which ends on Monday, November 30th. Halo Marketing Leader Noah Benesch. Instead, Fracture: Tenrai will be back five more times throughout this first season, giving players “enough opportunities to complete all 30 reward tiers.” This is great if you don’t have much time to spend on your event pass in a week, or if you can’t even play in a particular week.

However, one of the biggest problems players have encountered is that the event path seems to have challenge swaps and XP grants embedded in it. Only 10 of the 30 reward tiers are rewards for the actual theme.

“That is, there are 30 tiers, 10 of which are XP bonuses and 6 are challenge swaps.” PN4R wrote to Reddit.. Of the remaining 14 layers, including “real” content, four are single emblems and must be unlocked four times before they can be used anywhere.

“Unlock the three color palettes that lock this particular armor out of the remaining ten. [sp].. Of the remaining seven, there is one stupid callsign background that most people forget. Therefore, of the 30 layers of this event, only 6 armor parts are available. Two of them are the same shoulder pads that need to be unlocked twice on both shoulders. The 343, on the other hand, sells a $ 25 armor set in-store, which actually looks pretty cool. “

The armor set they talked about is the Chonmage armor set, which is part of a bundle that can be purchased with 2,000 in-game credits. At the time of writing this article, it will cost US $ 17.99. The shop also now includes a Sentinel Blade Bundle that includes a Legendary Utility that can only be equipped on Samurai Armor. In addition, you will not be able to make tier payments with your Event Pass and you will not be able to unlock Yoroi Armor Core up to level 5.

Exacerbating these problems is the fact that the challenges of the event are mixed with the standard challenges. Therefore, you may need to complete various standard issues in order to get the issues for another event.

Speaking of events, Halo Infinite also comes with a unique special mode, Fiesta, which is new but not in the franchise. In this mode, Sparta spawns with two random weapons and equipment, adding a bit of versatility to the standard mode.

Halo Infinite is a free-to-play game and there is no additional charge to attend this event pass, so it’s important to keep things in sight. Sure, there are items locked in the shop and you just play the event, but this isn’t the first game to do this. This is new to Halo and is a major change from the previous entry, which was a fully paid package.

To ease player worries, 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard has already responded to protests from these frustrated fans, “heard loud and clear.”

“The move was very slow and the response was slow, but be aware that you can clearly hear constructive feedback.” Jarrard wrote. “Changes will take some time. This week’s priority is to give the team a very good break for the vacation after a long last stretch. Thank you for your understanding.”

Also, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer wasn’t scheduled to be released until December 8th in parallel with the campaign. The 343 team surprised fans by announcing early availability as they celebrated the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo.

This is the beginning of Halo’s future, and there will be steps on the road. Fortunately, 343 has promised to make this a worthy game for the Master Chief, and hopes that constructive feedback will help make it happen.

We’ve recently made changes to Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass and promised to make more changes, so it’s already proven ready for adaptation.

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