Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Forza Horizon 5: Final preview

It’s only a few weeks before Forza fans get hooked on Forza Horizon 5 and showcase parts of Mexico in a picturesque and idyllic driving paradise typical of Playground Games. But with the upcoming full game, Playground provided us with an early hands-on for the first about 90 minutes of Forza Horizon 5.

This is certainly just a quick snapshot in the context of a Horizon game that I’m likely to play for hundreds of hours, but I tasted some of the campaign early and other that Playground did. Definitely enough to feel some of the improvements first. It was promising.

After playing Forza Horizon 4 almost every week for nearly three years, collecting all the new cars and trying out all the new content, I think you’re sick of Forza Horizon officials. .. But in reality I’m not really. The possibility of jumping into Mexico and starting over is very attractive.

Horizon’s trademark Opening Drive is always a perfectly curated experience designed to drive players into the Horizon world at full speed.


You may already know about Forza Horizon 5’s opening drive, where Playground Games itself blew the cover for the first few minutes of Forza Horizon 5 at Gamescom, but when you played it yourself, it quickly left. I was surprised that I was able to move to the place. Forza Horizon 4 UK. Horizon’s trademark Opening Drive is a perfectly curated experience designed to drive players into the Horizon world at full speed, but here at Horizon 5, the impression of a wonderfully diverse map of Mexico on the playground. I’m doing a particularly nifty job to show the breadth of the world. Undoubtedly, the Britain of the Horizon 4 remains beautiful, but Mexico of the Horizon 5 immediately impressed me a lot.

The big thing that stands out to me is the sense of scale, and there is no clearer place than the summit of the huge volcano of Horizon5. Playground Games has embraced significant elevation changes, including the expansion of Blizzard Mountain in Horizon 3 and Fortune Island in Horizon 4, while the Gran Caldera volcano in Horizon 5 has reduced both of these. I am. It’s a very impressive view and makes me feel very effectively small in the vast new space I want to explore.

Forza Horizon 5 Biome

After the opening drive, Horizon 5 will take you directly to the showcase event. This event will be recognized by long-term fans as the marquee race type of the series. This is a desperate point-to-point sprint, as opposed to anything other than a car in general. In this example, this is an airplane that has raced many times in the Horizon game before, but the switch during the race introduces a new opponent, and the twist in the second half of the race is not necessarily spoiled here. I don’t want to, so it’s a more thrilling conclusion. I guessed.

Following the showcase, Horizon 5 introduces some new Horizon stories. One targets the photography task and the other begins with the discovery of the barn. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Mexican car culture can predict it. This will reveal more general challenges and a small range of race types.

Even if the Horizon 5 begins to settle in the typical Horizon groove, I’ve already noticed that many improvements have begun to surface.


However, even if the Horizon 5 begins to settle in the typical Horizon groove, I’m already aware that many improvements have begun to surface. Visually, of course, it’s absolutely amazing (and the tire smoke is very good!), But there’s a lot more under the surface. The processing tweaks that Playground described earlier are subtle, but absolutely noticeable (for example, the steering return torque seems a bit more natural). The improved car audio is great and I love being able to preview the changes that performance customization parts make to my car’s sound.

But I already have the ball, but there are a lot of things I haven’t seen yet and it’s not part of this slice of the game. For example, the new Horizon 5 Expeditions promise spectacular road trips throughout the map to expand the festival. Horizon arcade mini-games should be a lot of fun. Most excitingly, Horizon 5’s EventLab, a full-fledged event editor with a toolkit reportedly used by the developers of Playground Games itself, is Horizon 4’s Super7 mode. Sounds like a significantly expanded version of. What I can create.

After another year, Forza Horizon 5 will be available on Xbox One consoles and PCs, but will be the first game in the Forza franchise built specifically for the Xbox Series consoles from the beginning. Playground Games has been throwing keys to players since November 5th for pre-ordering the Premium Edition.

Luke is a game editor at IGN’s Sydney office.You can find him on Twitter every few days @MrLukeReilly.