Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Fortnite Island Prepares for Cube Queen’s Wrath

In the midst of all the haunts and horrors of Fort Nightmare, a terrifying surprise came to the island. Fortnite: Introducing Cube Queen!

The full range of her vision for cubic domination is not yet known, but we will do our best to prepare for what to expect from you. Cube Queen’s wrath!

The power of a new cube has arrived

You are already an expert in handling cube monsters, but a new and more powerful type has arrived with the Queen.These cubes are called caretakers.. They are tall Specter-like creatures that drag you into the Sideways and fight you in challenging confrontations. The caretaker is the strongest warrior ever, but getting out of the fight with one of them is a great reward.

Now there are new reasons to encourage The Sideways. Sideways weapons got caught up in the fight – Sideways Scythe. More evil weapons are back on the island. Get a witch’s broom and a pumpkin rocket launcher.

The candies are coming back, so I hope you got some sweet teeth — this time with a new zero point pretzel mix.

Horde Rush Returns

The cube is about to push out of Sideways into our territory! The only way to prevent it is Horde Rush! Yes, the Horde Rush LTM is back! Earn more points by fighting monsters with your teammates, finding score multipliers, nailing combos and eliminating as many monsters as possible. Survive all over the map, defeat the final boss and achieve the hard-earned victory.

Fortnite-Cube Queen's Wrath

Horde Rush LTM will be live at the rest of Fortnitemares (until 10am on November 1st). When Horde Rush returns, Horde Rush Quest will also appear. Completing the quest will give you special rewards such as Thinking Juice Backbling, Cube Queen Banner and Cuddle Scream Leader Spray.

There are Horde Rush tournaments where you can win cosmetics, so practice a lot with Horde Rush! For more information on this,[競合]You can check it on the tab.

Fortnite-Cube Queen's Wrath

Ariana Grande is back and a new quest appears

Horde Rush Quests isn’t the only one featured in The Wrath of the Cube Queen. From now on, Hallowhead presents the Fortnitemares punch card. There are all currently available quests and rewards for completing them.

  1. Complete the general Fortnitemares quest to unlock Raven’s Curse Spray, Midnight Showdown Loading Screen, and Raging Breakout Contrails.
  1. Ariana Grande is back on the island, but with new equipment ready to defeat monsters. Astronaut Ariana Grande, the greatest monster hunter in the galaxy, invites you to hunt her. Complete her Monster Hunter Quest line to unlock the new all-weather extractor pickaxe (dark style)! It also has a special bonus for Fortnite crew members. Completing the Monster Hunt Quest Line will give crew members a bright style of all-weather extract pickaxe and its variations.
  1. Help Dark Johnny find powerful artifacts that can restore his vision on Oracle’s quest line. Completing the Oracle quest line unlocks the Cube Cruiser Glider, a deployed cube that can fly!

However, Hallowheads Punchard isn’t the only punchard to live at 9am EST …

Use the containment specialist Ghostbusters Punchard to deploy seismographs, disinfect mini-puffs, and unlock Ghostback Bryn Brin. It was inspired by the next “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” movie.

Complete these exciting quests and they will be held until November 1st, so get as much reward as you can!

The wrath of the Cube Queen has changed the island, but there is certainly much to be gained from this cubic chaos. Jump on the island now and experience your own anger!