Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Fortnite finally credits among us with a new “scammer mode” update

[Update: Tue 12th Oct, 2021 15:15 BST]

Epic Games officially credits Among Us developer Innersloth for an update to Fortnite’s Impostors Mode. On their blog, The text calls the scammer “a game mode inspired by Innersloth’s Among Us.”

This is probably welcome news for Innersloth, but probably because Over time, updated text was added. When the news was first reported, many individual team members of Inners Ross expressed disappointment with the lack of credibility.

Note: Adriel Wallick’s tweet is Memeified comics by Nedroid, The character acknowledges the achievement of someone else’s creation.

[Original: Tue 17th Aug, 2021 18:30 BST]

Fortnite has never avoided pop culture references (and stole things from other creators), so it’s not too surprising that their new mode, Fortnite Impostors, does both functions at all.

The mode is … well, it’s very similar among us: up to 10 players are assigned the role of agent or scammer, and the agent has to complete the assignment to keep the bridge running. Yes, scammers try to block the assignment and win, teleport the players and manipulate people to make them think they are also agents. The scammer can even complete the assignment so that it looks unquestionable.

Of course, voice chat is disabled, but there is text chat and you can communicate in emotes or using the quick chat menu. You can play with your friends privately or with friends only, or attend a full party in public. ..

Fortnite Impostors
Image: Epic Games

Oh, and what if you understand who the scammers are? Simply call an emergency meeting by reporting the corpse or pressing the “discussion” mode in the central room. In other words, “force the discussion.” Next, you need to get the suspect out of The Bridge, but if you’re actually an agent, the scammer’s job will be easier.

Agents can win by completing all assignments or voting for all scammers, and scammers can win by eliminating all agents.

If you’ve always wanted to play Among Us, but have a lot of dance emotes and less permission from the original developers, now is the time: Fortnite Impostors is out today.

Stealing is bad, but what do you think of Fortnite’s non-original scammer mode? Please let us know in the comments.