Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Fortnite finally admits that scammer mode was inspired among us

Epic Games has finally admitted that Fortnite’s cloak and dagger-style Imppostors game mode was inspired by Innersloth’s Among Us.

As part of Blog post Epic Games noted some changes to in-poster mode, detailing the game’s latest patch notes and revealing what influenced the beginning of the concept. “V18.20 brings improvements to Imppostors, a game mode inspired by Innersloth’s Among Us,” he reads.

Despite Epic’s approval, this seems to be the only nod among us now.As reported by EurogamerThe Impostor in-game description has not been updated to include a reference to the Innersloth game. This is a factor that some fans can still be disappointed with.

The scammers first entered Fortnite in August. When released, the game mode was immediately called by various members of the Among Us development team. At the time, developers pointed out the similarities between the two games and questioned Impostor’s map design, comprehensive themes, and terminology used.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, Epic also talked about changes that were set to appear in Impostors. As part of the update, the mode now includes a role bias feature. This allows players to prioritize whether to be a scammer or an agent in the game. However, this is unlikely, as there are only two scammers and eight agents per round. Guarantee your first choice every time.

Game modes will also include playlists with open voice chat. It splits the player into different channels based on whether the player has been eliminated, similar to Among Us. According to Epic, players who don’t like voice communication can select Impostors playlists even if only quick chat is enabled, so this change doesn’t affect fans who don’t want to participate in open chat too much. ..

Updates continue to be rolled out throughout the game, but recent reports have discussed the possibility of making Fortnite feature films at Epic Games. This seems to be part of the company’s larger plan to expand to a wider range of media.

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