Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Former Star Fox programmers will be interested in making new entries without “gimmicks”

© Nintendo

At last new Entries in the Star Fox series (not including Star Fox 2) used to be Star Fox Zero Wii U in 2016.

As you may remember, it did not have the impact Nintendo had hoped-the response was mixed. One of the main problems players encounter is clumsy control. Some people just want to see Nintendo make this series interesting again, including Giles Goddard, one of the programmers of the original Super Nintendo Star Fox game.

This is exactly what he said in a recent interview with GameXplain:

“I think it would be fun to be an interstellar fox, but it’s not how other people do it… I think I will just dial it back a lot instead of doing gimmicks like zero. Maybe not even join in. For things like free roaming, I will only… pull it back to where Star Fox was the first fun. I will make one on this basis. I don’t know how popular it will be, but we can always try.”

In a follow-up question, he was asked if he was interested in making games in the “old style” of Star Fox. The short answer is “no”.

“If we do this, it must be a new one… Either a very stylized retro look, or a very updated and modern look. But I will not try to copy the polygons from FX Chip… …I don’t see the point. We have solved this problem, we have solved this problem, and you don’t want to go back to it… You always want to do something new, not go backwards. “

Although Goddard seems unlikely to return to the Star Fox series anytime soon-especially when he is busy with his new VR ski game, what do you think of Nintendo’s call back to the Star Fox series? Do you want to see something more like an earlier version? Have you played the Wii U portal? Leave your thoughts below.