Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Forgotten City-Cloud Version Review (Switch eShop)

Note: This review covers early minor spoilers in the game, so if you’re completely blind, skip to the conclusion.

Before we start, let’s get the elephants in the room out of here. At this point in the year, the “cloud version” suffix is ‚Äč‚Äčnothing new and has no criticism. Forgotten City is a seriously amazing little time loop story game, but it always has the same big conditions. Playing this requires a strong internet connection and despite the same cost as the PC version, there is no guarantee of how long you can access it before the server shuts down.

Even with good internet connectivity, The Forgotten City has several “seamless” loading screens that freeze action and momentum for a few seconds. The most annoying thing is that if you leave the game running for 3 minutes (for example, get a bathroom or a drink), you’ll be returned to the start screen without saving. You’ll never lose much progress, but it’s all just as frustrating.

However, the usual cloud version of the warning doesn’t get in the way, so you can get to the heart of this review.Forgotten city absolutely Especially if you’re a fan of time-loop games like The Sexy Brutale and Outer Wild, intricately woven stories, and ancient history, it’s worth the time.

Forgotten cities have them all. You, a modern man (you can choose your name and your “body shape”, that is, your gender represented by your hands and pronouns) are teleported to 65AD and under some sort. Return to a small Roman town of curse.

If someone breaks the “golden rule” Everyone In town it quickly turns into a gold statue. The facts backed by gold statues scattered around the houses and streets and the warning that they somehow had time to carve before they transformed. However, the inhabitants do not know exactly what the “golden rule” is, so they live in fear, hedge their bets and try not to sin. But it’s only a matter of time before someone breaks it, whether by accident or not.

And what do you guess? It’s a video game, so it’s your problem to solve. A brief meeting with basically 20 mayors of this town, a security judge, tells you everything you need to know to get started: someone is trying to break the golden rule. You need to find out who and stop them.

This is how the story begins, but it’s not the only twist. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that everyone in town has a bubbling secret under an outwardly friendly look. As with all time loop games, there are plenty of domino effect options and a comprehensive mystery to solve.

What sets The Forgotten City apart from other time-loop games is its well-judged size. 12 minutes It was too small and too many repetitions, and the time loop mechanism became a chore. Outer Wilds is great, but it can be overwhelming in a solar system-sized world. It’s difficult to give the time loop game the right range, and to walk the line between the very large and the restrictively small.

Forgotten City, on the other hand, has many corners and gaps to explore, but is contained in a single small town with only 20 inhabitants. Exactly A neat system for the right amount of work and the need to repeat previous successes exactly without having to repeat them. It’s not over-welcome as you can complete the game in about 8 loops (or a few more if you’re a completionist). This is the right amount you’re never used to. Area trampled again. This is a 6-8 hour game, perfect for playing for a few nights or weekends.

Another thing The Forgotten City does in a slightly different way is to piggyback on someone else’s game. It was born as the Skyrim mod and made history as the first mod to win the Writers Guild of America Award for its script. It’s not difficult to understand why. It’s very well written, with a cast of voice actors who do a great job of bringing the character to life, with a wealth of personality and a variety of accents to represent different backgrounds. (Also, if you’re sensitive to jump scare, be aware that there are pretty creepy moments. Only couples, but anxious.)

But uh, you’ve played Skyrim, haven’t you? Let’s just say … Adorable Junky, to the point where it spawns a lot memey recreation He talks loudly while walking and randomly accuses him of a crime because he accidentally picked up a carrot.

Good news: Forgotten cities, to a lesser extent, more tolerable, maintain much of this fascinating junk. Face animations are sometimes subtle and expressive, smidge It is closer to a “meat doll” than a “human mouth and eyes”. Occasionally, the character will say strange things for no reason or stare at you in long and nasty moments before starting a conversation. And yes, you can scale the hills by jumping a lot. But that doesn’t matter. If anything, it feels like you’re playing Skyrim for the first time, which makes the game much better.

And hey, the story gets a little stupid in place (including some incredible moments of self-aware humor), and you’ll have moments Radical Expo dump, but it’s part of what makes it perfect, not at all Great to play. There are many reasons why this game has been promoted from Skyrim mod to a full-fledged release, but find them yourself.

And this cloud version provides a stunning experience despite the aforementioned issues that occur with “cloud version” Switch games. It’s pretty, but it’s even cleaner on a PC. It works fine with a stable internet connection, but it’s definitely great that you don’t have to worry about getting out of control. And we must admit, it can be unpleasant to know that you paid $ 20 or $ 30 for the game. Who knows Year.

However, if you don’t mind the warning, The Forgotten City is very good.


Forgotten City is a wonderful narrative that feels like Skyrim’s junk time capsule, revitalized with a fascinating story. However Long enough to not lose momentum. As always, it’s hard to fully recommend a cloud version of the game that’s available elsewhere in a more specific way, but if you accept the associated “risks”, this is a nice and well-presented time loop. It’s a game and well worth playing.