Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Following the Rocky start, Babylon’s fall developers said, “There are no plans to scale development.”

Square Enix has confirmed that the start was off to a good start, but “there are no plans to scale down development in the fall of Babylon.”

Babylon’s Fall, the latest game from PlatinumGames, was released earlier this month and received almost negative reviews.on Metacritic, A site that aggregates game reviews, the game is currently sitting at 42.

“It’s not a broken action RPG, but it’s not a good one, and it’s one of the ugliest games in some console generations,” he said in a fall review of 4/10 Babylon.

Despite these reviews and more, Square Enix has doubled and wants to make this game as great as possible. On Twitter, Babylon’s official Twitter account Tweeted the message For fans trying to answer the question, “Is continuous service at risk?”

“No, we have no plans to scale development in the fall of Babylon,” the tweet reads. “The content up to the end of Season 2 was virtually complete and we started working on Season 3 and beyond.

“We will continue to provide new content to the game, make improvements based on player feedback, maintain the play of existing players, and strive to attract new entrants. Everything that already enjoys Babylon’s fall world. Thank you to Centinal. I am looking forward to it. Thank you for your continued support! “

The team also revealed new details above Babylon Fall Update 1.10 And that NieR: Automata collaboration event. This update adds a new chapter in “Resurrection”, a new map in “Tower of Babel: Blockage Zone”, new factions and weapon types, increased level caps, and a new high difficulty level game mode called Gauntlets. increase.

The collaboration of NieR: Automata will be held from March 29th to April 26th, and will be “Full of collaboration items and quests to enjoy the world of Nier: Automata to your heart’s content”.

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